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A new beginning, join us !

As Mike has previously announced, we’ve moved to a more General-MMO/Gaming blog, and hope to take all our WAR readers with us. In fact, I’ve just recently re-subbed to WAR and will keep writing about it there as I have here.

So, please visit and subscribe (^^) to Patch Notes, Spank the Tank’s new home. Your favorite writers Meteorfall and Mike will of course still be present, along with a new addition to the team : Laterium.

WAAAGH Well and don’t forget to join us on Patch Notes !


Viral Marketing : Computer Camping Mode, ACTIVATE !

So, you may or may not have heard about the new “Blogging Challenge” that Mythic just unveiled. It’s pretty similar to the previous Night of Murder project, with the poems and stuff, except this time, players can actually win something by deciphering “cartouches’ that will appear on online gaming sites very soon.

In fact, with blogs receiving mail from Mythic in the next three weeks, you’ll get translations for a few hieroglyphs. Once you think you’ve found the meaning of one of the cartouches, you’ll need to go to your Account Management Page, and enter the code (which are apparently names of Tomb King Royalty). However, each cartouche only contains 1,000 Scarab Amulets (Which is the prize for this contest. It’s basically a graphical pocket item that sends scarabs over your character. Badass.), so you’ll need to be fast in order to successfully obtain one of the Amulets. There’ll be 5 cartouches, meaning only 5,000 players will be able to win.

That said, I’ll keep a list here of what blogs have received packages from Mythic, so good luck to everyone, and may the force be with you :

Tome of Knowledge

Epic Slant

Da’ Toughest

Keen and Graev



Bio Break


A High Latency Life

Eat your veggies, Meteorfall.

Also, I’ve edited the blog’s “about” page (which is right under the huge Orc Warboss on our header ^^) with our e-mails, so that if anyone feels the need to contact us, they can.


Blogroll Update !

Sorry for not posting for a week or so, I’ve been playing Oblivion a lot ^^

Anywho, I’ve updated STT’s blogroll so that only active blogs (~a post every week) are up there. If I’ve missed any of you guys please leave a comment on here and you will be added !

Short posts FTW ! (I promise I’ll give you a fuckload of a post soon ;))

-Eat your veggies, Meteorfall.


WCPI – And a list of fun links

So, I’ve decided to WCPI Lagwar this week, as they’ve been around for a long time in the WAR Community. And y’know ? Podcasts R FUN ! Seriously though, if you’ve never heard of Lagwar, you better check it out now, great quality shit in there peeps ! Also, they regularly do contests and give out codes for in-game items, so be sure to check the site out often to have a chance of acquiring one of those if you’ve missed Games Day Baltimore, for example.

Yay fer Short WCPIs, sorry Slurms and Ziss, but I know you love me.

Anywho, I forced my co-writer Mike to quote Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson today through his mic, and saved I could share it to the world ^^ (And aye, it’s really him) :

Hurray ! (Click the little “Download” link under “Filename”, not “Download Now”)

He also loves Pulp Bard, a Pulp Fiction script in Elizabethian, yeah you read that right.

In other news, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Abridged Scripts from The Editing Room, because they are HILARIOUS.

And that is it, although I have an idea behind my mind, which I will unveil in my next post.

Eat yer veggies (YOU WILL EAT THEM SQUIT !), Meteorfall.


Beware ! Goblin Guide

If you’re into powerleveling, PDF/in-game guides for WAR etc. You’ve probably heard of Goblin Guide, it’s supposed to be the best on the market, and the reviews you can find around the intrawebz are good. Well, I’ve come to buy it , and I am TRULY disapointed.

The levelling guides are useless and outdated. And there’s been no updates for over a month. The Misc. Guides are just plain low quality. The “Gold Guide” is very short and not worth it at all. And, the RvR guides are also very low in content. Also, the “Video Guides” are just videos you can easily find on youtube.

Apparently, there’s a 60-day guarantee, but I’ll still save my account and tell you guys if there ever is an update. I’m sure it was a great guide pre-1.2, but now it’s just useless. So yeah, if you’ve ever thought of spending 37$ for this guide, don’t. Or at least not right now, as it will be a true waste of money.

-Eat your veggies, Meteorfall.


Frustration is REALLY getting me

So, the Herald’s Twitter gave a code(s ?) out again today. When I saw the announcement, I literally refreshed my page every 1 minute.

I was getting very hungry and decided “Hmm… I’ll try to stay close to my computer while I make meselfz something to eat.” Once I’m done, I refresh the twitter page and WHAT ? The code went out 8 minutes ago… SHIIIT ! Of course, it was allready used… I’m hoping they’re giving out another one cos’ the announcement did say Codes with an “s”. So yeah, this time I ain’t movin, and wish me luck yet again, to get those oh-so wanted in-game items.



I must be lucky…

Those Twitter giveaway codes are killing me. Now that I’ve changed my account to the US Herald, the damn codes work. So today I was all like “I hope Josh gives out some of the LotD codez… gwahahaha”. Of course, I forgot all about that after an hour or two.

I log in on Twitter… HOLY *censored for copyright purposes*, he gave codes out 16 minutes ago, if I’m lucky, one of em’ will still work. Anxiously enough, non of em’ worked GAH.

Nevertheless, I’m determined to get those shineyz soon enough. I guess I’ll camp in front of my screen until someone gives codes away. That could last long.

Oh and yeah, when I was on the EU Herald, I’d always manage to log on Twitter like 1 minute after a giveaway was done. Greaaaat.

That was my rant of the day folks, and wish me luck. Ima need a lawt of Hot Pockets.

Eat your veggies !