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Viral Marketing : Computer Camping Mode, ACTIVATE !

So, you may or may not have heard about the new “Blogging Challenge” that Mythic just unveiled. It’s pretty similar to the previous Night of Murder project, with the poems and stuff, except this time, players can actually win something by deciphering “cartouches’ that will appear on online gaming sites very soon.

In fact, with blogs receiving mail from Mythic in the next three weeks, you’ll get translations for a few hieroglyphs. Once you think you’ve found the meaning of one of the cartouches, you’ll need to go to your Account Management Page, and enter the code (which are apparently names of Tomb King Royalty). However, each cartouche only contains 1,000 Scarab Amulets (Which is the prize for this contest. It’s basically a graphical pocket item that sends scarabs over your character. Badass.), so you’ll need to be fast in order to successfully obtain one of the Amulets. There’ll be 5 cartouches, meaning only 5,000 players will be able to win.

That said, I’ll keep a list here of what blogs have received packages from Mythic, so good luck to everyone, and may the force be with you :

Tome of Knowledge

Epic Slant

Da’ Toughest

Keen and Graev



Bio Break


A High Latency Life

Eat your veggies, Meteorfall.

Also, I’ve edited the blog’s “about” page (which is right under the huge Orc Warboss on our header ^^) with our e-mails, so that if anyone feels the need to contact us, they can.


Blogroll Update !

Sorry for not posting for a week or so, I’ve been playing Oblivion a lot ^^

Anywho, I’ve updated STT’s blogroll so that only active blogs (~a post every week) are up there. If I’ve missed any of you guys please leave a comment on here and you will be added !

Short posts FTW ! (I promise I’ll give you a fuckload of a post soon ;))

-Eat your veggies, Meteorfall.