From the Flames, as Chance Would Have It

There would rise those with hearts forged from ice. Ladies, gentlemen. Brothers and sisters of the Order of Dark Crag, the Frozen Ascendancy has risen again!  The Frozen Ascendancy was the guild I ran back on the Game That Must Not Be Named, with an evolution of four years and a bloodied road of gold. Eventually we rerolled the guild to “Frozen Supremacy”, once we’d done everything you possibly could in said game. Having found a new world, ripe for domination, we will rise.

For those of you that wish to join our Ascendancy on our path to undeniable victory, contact myself on Laionhart or Meteorfall on Luxeon. We’re also interested in forming Alliances, and have been discussing it with a few guilds with whom we share common interests.

But yes, each Sunday, or Saturday, I will be posting a little update to inform you all of what we got up to this week! So here it is!

This week; Frozen Ascendancy was formed. Yay. Since then, we have been very active in ORVR this week, I have led keep raids with at least one group with Ascendants within. Seeing as this was our first week we haven’t done much ‘as a guild’, but tonight will mark our first “Guild Title Run”, wherein we get a group, or warband, and run North from Altdorf, all the way up to the Chaos Wastes, in an effort to pick up the cool titles, like “Scion of Anarchy“, “King Slayer” and “Foe of the Dark Gods“. It’s a lot of fun and also offers a lot of XP rewards from “Notable Persons” and Tome Unlocks.

We’ve made friends with the guilds Warpath and One Legion. One Legion‘s guild lead, Lumani, is a pretty cool guy. We had two ORVR warbands running around and we were sending whispers to co-ordinate them. I spent Sixteen Hours in ORVR on friday night. Of course I’d like, go AFK every so often. I spent an hour AFK in Mandred’s Hold during an attack by Destruction. I came back, as an R15 White Lion, with my influence capped. It was win.

On the subject of “win”, I’d like to discuss these Medallions. It’s cool how cheap things are now. My WL had full Obliterator at R13. And I killed an R12 Magus as an R8 Warrior-Priest, and it somehow dropped a Tier 4 medallion. Did you know they convert into 125 Tier 1 Medallions? Oh yeah. Full Decimator and half of Obliterator at R8. Happy me. What I’d like to see, is for Battlefield Objective Heroes drop one for every person who killed it, and for the “Defend [Keep Name]” quest to reward at least one.

I’d also like to bring up another issue, not just with ORVR, but with warbands in general. If you are in a warband that is actually doing something, like, I don’t know, a keep raid, have the common decency to not take the scenario pop. Or better yet, unqueue. I’m sick of having to kick people every five minutes because they’re in Stonetroll Crossing! Also, this one’s a bit harder, try not to goof off and do your own thing if you’re in a warband doing ORVR. It’s annoying and it wastes precious space. Do you think Warband spots grow on trees!? No they do not.

I’m sorry for the rant and ragepost. But seriously. Enough’s enough. Consider yourself lucky I didn’t get on a DPS Archmage rant. In closing; join Frozen Ascendancy if you play Order on Dark Crag. Also. Don’t be stupid. Have some consideration.

And remember; when life gives you lemons, blood for the blood god.


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