WCPI, and more.

Before I get too into it I am sad to announce that Dont, the writer from Blame The Healer has chosen to definitely not resubscribe to Warhammer. He, like the others, will be sorely missed, but we’d still like to see you guys around, on MSN, even. Blame the Healer is the blog that stood out most to me, as a great blog and a catchy name. It was my old WoW guild’s motto. “If anything goes wrong, blame the healer.” Theerivs from Way of the Chosen has also decided to quit the game. Girl IRL, a WAR blog by Jennifer, who I’m disappointed I never got to catch up with ingame on the server we both play Destruction on; Praag, has quit WAR, but has a new blog we can read.

And the funny part is that THESE WERE THE PEOPLE I WERE GOING TO WCPI FOR THIS WEEK. Bastards. So here’s Incoming Pull by Tulane Grimm.

This blog is great and I’m disappointed I didn’t get into it sooner. Grimm, as cliche’d as it sounds, “tells it like it is”. He has practical advice, such as how to stave off boredom and not losing interest in the game. I highly recommend Incoming Pull. Read it. Or there’ll be Witch Elves waiting for you…and not in the good way.

In other news, Meteorfall has switched to US realms and we’re both now playing Praag (Destruction) and Dark Crag (Order). Look us up!

For all of those disheartened by the losses from our community, stand tall and look onward. For though this game is not perfect, we must hope, and pray to Mork (or is it Gork?) that Mythic see their mistake and learn from it. For if they do not, all shall be lost, another MMO fallen to oblivion and more great potential destroyed by Electronic Arts. Let us hope that this game goes in such a direction that all those who have left, will return.


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