The US free trial is nice ! Kinda.

Well, I made a trial account today on the WAR US Herald and downloaded the 6GB+ patches (Hurray for the 4 and a half hour wait !) so I could finally play the game with my fellow writer here, Mike. Logged on to the game and… only 3 servers ? Yes, the Trial account limits you to only 3 servers, which are apparently the less-populated ones aswell. So I had the choice between, Ironclaw, Magnus and Gorfang. We chose Ironclaw, which didn’t turn out too well because it’s an Oceanic server and it wa about 2am in Australia. Great. So Gorfang it was, he rolled a Blorc and I rolled a Shammy.

As I log in, I get instantly gold-spammed. Wow, on EU servers I had NEVER been actually /w’ed by gold farmers. Of course I’d receive mails giving me gold offers, but never an actual tell. What I saw next is that the server was pretty high populated in comparison to EU servers. And it’s supposed to be one of the lowest populated. NICE ! There were like constantly 5 players doing the PQs. NICE ! Anywho, we were levelling and doin’ scenarios, and there was one little issue I discovered. I’m not sure if this is related to the Trial Account, the US server or anything, but sometimes, I had problems targeting enemies with my mouse. I would go over them but clicking wouldn’t target ’em. Weird.

The lag. And holy shit I didn’t expect this, THERE IS NO LAG. I live in Europe, and I had almost less lag in US scenarios than in EU ones. NICE ! As for the trial period itself, it’s 10 days, that’s pretty good. But you’re limited to Rank 10. Meaning T1, but not even R11. For 10 days that’s pretty not gewd since you can get to R10 pretty fast, especially when the servers you’re on have +20% Exp for being ‘low populated”.

Also, you can’t use features like mail, or the Auction House on a trial account, and maybe some more things, didn’t really check. But, you CAN go to Altdorf/Inevitable City, which is pretty fun… kinda.

Hitting scenarios with Mike was pretty fun. He’s the guy who shouts “FOR THE HORDE” and constantly speaks in Region and Scenario channels. I kinda do too, HATE ME NAO. But once again, the gold-spamming in scenarios was HELL. I must of been /w’ed 15 times during one of those Khaine’s Embrace we did. I had “Go fuck yourself.” on copy just in case ^^.

I’ve spoken with a few European players who play on US servers on Warhammer Alliance and I’m not sure if I want to change my subscription to the US servers so I can play with Mike, which is initially why I started WAR. Cos’ there are a few things that bother me :

-I have Collector’s Edition on my EU account. And I won’t have it on my US one since I’ll be directly updating my trial account. And I liek my CE rewardz… a lot.

-I believe I’ll have to pay for the retail “box” again. Gah -_-

-OMG Therez a loadin’ scr33n on da USandA verzion that’z not on da EU 1. Wif’ a hammer ‘n’ shit. And u cnt skip itz !!!1!11!eleventyone!!1

-Also, since there’s a 6h difference between Europe and the United States (7h for Eastern time I believe), I won’t be on at primetime a lot, unless I play at like.. 2am -_-

-Europe has World First King Kills. NICE !

But yeah, the Collector’s Edition thing is a bummer. BUT, there is a nice counterpart to this. The Teef’N’Spikes, Skaven Skin Cloak and other code thingeys will finally work ! Hurray for that ! Oh please Josh Drescher, I know you read this blog, please give out moar codes on your twitter 😉

So yeah, I would like to hear you guys’ opinions on this, please post a comment and tell me if I should  switch to the US Herald or not.

Sankyu my dear readers !




3 Responses to “The US free trial is nice ! Kinda.”

  1. May 9, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Bah, bugger doesn’t work. Sorry ’bout that.

  2. May 9, 2009 at 2:27 am

    I like to say I lead, in some way, every SC or raid I’m in. Cuz I yells da loudest, an’ I is da bestest!

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