Mike’s Quest For Power; Need Reinforcements

It’s no great secret that the key to kicking ass is having a good guild by your side and a heavy meatshield in front of you. As I already have a meatshield, named Zac, who is incidentally the winner of our old tagline contest, I need a guild.

I’ve kind of been bouncing around guilds, entering and leaving at a whim. A few things put me off, like when someone just throws a random invite to the whole group to join the frigging guild. I have standards, I’m sorry.

This part of the rant won’t make as much sense if you don’t play Order-side Dark Crag, but hey, I do. There’s a little group of guilds there. Perchance you have heard of them; Ruin, Rhuin, Ruination and maybe even Rhuination. There’s upwards of four. There’s always people from these guilds spamming T1 Empire Region Chat with invites. Zerg guild. I would never join one.

Or RAHSTYLES. This man is a fucktard. A rank 20 Knight who refuses to level past 20 and does nothing but create zerg guilds that do nothing except have guilds in FULL CAPS CUZ CAPS ARE AWESOME. I’ve talked with the dude. He’s an idiot and half the channel was abusing him and mocking his guild. So yeah. Avoid RAHSTYLES TRAUMA UNIT and whatever else has RAHSTYLES.

Right now I’m playing Destruction on Praag, and I’m having a look around. Have not seen a single amusing guild name yet. Magius (or was it Lucan?) had “Squig Stole My Hat”, Ironclaw had the “Squig Cub Clubbing Club” and Dark Crag has “Ctrl-Alt-Elite”. Guild names that gave me a giggle. And in the case of Ctrl-Alt-Elite, kicked my ass in Mourkain Temple when all of their side was a premade.

I’m not gonna name the guild I’m in at the moment, cos that wouldn’t be nice considering I’m planning on leaving for something better. No offence to the guild but for a guild with 370 players there is never more than five people online. And they’re scattered across the world. But, y’know, take what you can get. The whole “look for a guild” thing is awesome but I’d feel weird being all “oh hey can I join your guild I saw it on the guilds page”. That’s just me.

So I put this to ya. Who, on Praag’s Destruction army, wants to make a guild with me? Ladyrevan, Disciple of Khaine, currently level 17 but I’m getting levels pretty quickly. Guild will be;

  • casual/hardcore. It sounds like a redundant contradiction but it’s not. Basically means you can go at your own speed but we also welcome hardcore players.
  • ORVR, Scenario, PQ and Lair/Dungeon based. Just do whatever’s going on.
  • Organized, but not strict. We’ll have officers and the like but won’t be dicks about rank.

And now for a name… I’m just gonna throw a few around. You’ll be able to see a definite ‘style’ to the names. They’re just the names I’m thinking of.

Frozen Ascendancy. The Coming Curse. For the Fallen. The Soulforged. Kinslayers. Reign of the Wicked. Requiem of Discord. Crucible of WAR. Unleash Annihilation.

Anyone’s free to join, but y’know, usual rules of human decency apply. This invitation is also extended to the people of other blogs. Would that this happened months ago so I may have been able to play with Omelettez and Pancakez… but I digress. Depending on how the guild goes I’ll make a regular “what we did this week” post.

If you’d like to get in on this, contact me ingame on Ladyrevan, via whisper or mail, or just leave a comment here. Destruction-army, Praag. Will you answer this call to arms? This call of honour? This call of duty!?

We will stand where others fall! We will arise! We will divide! We have the power to bring the end!


3 Responses to “Mike’s Quest For Power; Need Reinforcements”

  1. May 6, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Special treats to those who can list the not-quite-subtly hidden references to bands/songs in there.

  2. May 6, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Dark Crag, Order? Should have gone with Citadel. We are a bunch of fun loving gamers and we have 0 (ZERO) drama. You would have fit in nicely.

    • May 7, 2009 at 1:11 am

      A nice sounding guild and self-promotion? Love it. ^^ I was with Complex on my Warrior-Priest; Halfblind Deguardian. In February/March we were the ones responsible for fully taking back T2 and keeping it under our control.
      I remember seeing Citadel around…if I head back that way I might look you guys up.

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