Even if the morrow was barren of promises…

Nothing has forestalled my return

Nothing has forestalled my return

And he cried with a loud voice ‘Lazarus, arise!’ And Lazarus did come forth from the grave. I have returned. I salute all of you who have risked your lives countless times to topple Destruction; to perpetuate our cause. To honor Order’s name. For your faith I am eternally grateful, and I call on you again to bring glory to the Empire. Arise, my friends, I have returned. Never to leave your side again. Certain powers sought to destroy me, but they have only made me stronger. Today…we begin a march into the future.

I was saddened to hear that some of the others have left Warhammer Online. Let us raise a drink to the characters of Regis, Pancakez and Omelettez. May their character files find peace until they are called on once again to return to the onslaught. But though our friends, and allies, are gone, we shall have no fear and stand against our enemies in our darkest hours.

As you may be able to tell, I’m in a somewhat roleplayish, poetic mood today. Have been for awhile, recently drafted up a short, and mildly abridged history of my former guild on the Game that Shall Not Be Named. It was well received and considering the history itself…would make for quite the tale. A tale of fallen gods doing battle alongside mortals, of the corruption of the higher powers, of fury and rage, the death and rebirth of an entire world and all those who once dwelled within! The tale of the Frozen Ascendancy!

I get worked up, mostly because I romanticize and mourne the past. Anyway, as Meteorfall was saying, we haven’t really introduced our characters well at all. Mostly a name and class if we talk about them at all. So here’s mine…

  • First among us; two weeks after release. Valeriana, later renamed Sindriana. Rank 16 Sorceress on Darklands.
  • Second was Laerioth the Blackguard, started after Heavy Metal. Rank 15, Darklands. Played until a week after Heavy Metal ended. This was back when my only game-time was at my friend’s, on his account.
  • Third was my first foray into Order…oh about when we started this blog. Kitina, Skirmisher Mastery Shadow Warrior. R17. On Dark Crag. /shudder
  • Fourth, Halfblind DeGuardian, Grace Mastery Warrior-Priest of Sigmar. R26.

See, those four were characters I played on my friend’s account while he was battling his sleeping disorder. He had reversed sleeping habits and was pretty much asleep whenever I was awake, so I re-opened his account with a gamecard I bought. Once he got better I had to get my own account and reroll. Once I’d done that, I rejoined my dark brethren in Destruction, on Praag. Order have the better players in T4, admittedly, but Destruction’s best classes are far cooler.

  • Sephissa, the Witch-Elf. Most fun I’ve had playing melee-DPS ever. R11
  • LadyRevan, the Disciple of Khaine. Top of the healing chart all through T1. Rank 13.
  • And a Zealot that I can’t remember the name of but he was R6 and I didn’t like the class.

To be honest I’ve never really gotten that far into it, between rerolling and internet issues… but I’m going to give it another try.

And I’d like to address a little issue with the Warhammer community, while I’m here. Every time someone mentions World of Warcraft on region chat, it erupts into swearing and the ever-clever “omg WoW sux”. Like many Warhammer players I am ex-WoW. Say whatever you like, but seriously, this “omg WoW sux” elitism is bullshit and I’m getting sick of it. How many people on Warhammer Online left World of WarCraft to play this game?

Give me five good reasons to say that it “sucks”. Reasons must be valid and can’t be used to speak out against other MMOs. I’ll give you some examples.

  • “the classes r OP”

My simple answer to this is “Choppa. Fuck off.” No game has perfect class “balance” or whatever. But what I dig about WAR is how the classes have some kind of synchronized disorder that makes it work.

  • “gnomes. rofl”

Yeah I hate Gnomes too. The physics doesn’t work. But y’know what? Play Horde. Smash the little fuckers. Run newbs through Gnomeregan. They get shinies and you get to hurt Gnomes. Win-win.

  • “blizz suck”

Well yeah, this is true. But I consider this argument mildly invalid because Warhammer is an EA game. EA. ^^

I left WoW to play WAR, but honestly, there’s no real justification for the smacktarded abuse of the game on region chat. Lets stop the elitist bullshit and get back to smashin’ stunties. Because they are the real enemy.

A small portion of my former glory

A small portion of my former glory

Here we have an old guild screenshot. Yeah it’s photoshopped because half of the toons are mine and I couldn’t get everyone on at the same time.

Back Row: Bearlock (Druid), Sindarian (Mage), Bankai (Main / Paladin), Sinistrage (Warlock), DarkTemplar (Rogue), Egghealer (Priest)
Front Row: Lard (Paladin), Bankai (Paladin), SetAbominae (Warrior)


2 Responses to “Even if the morrow was barren of promises…”

  1. 1 Kash
    May 6, 2009 at 12:16 am

    I got all excited when I saw you were on Darklands for a while 🙂

    • May 6, 2009 at 8:51 am

      I stopped playing Oceanic servers, because a lot of them were being closed down at the time so I just cut the crap and played Dark Crag and Praag. I can still log to my Darklands characters every now and then if I ask my friend nicely. ^^
      Because yeah. Australian. ^^

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