A quick update for those who are confused – And WCPI !

So, I’m pretty sure 3/4 of our readers (That’s about 2 I’m guessing.), have no fucking idea about what careers me and Mike have since we’re so incoherent. Well, here’s MY list of the characters I ever had, and the one(s) I’m using right now :

  • I first started as a Marauder, at about… October-November 2008. Deleted him after Rank 26 I believe.
  • My next character was a R38 Blackguard on Karak-Norn, which I deleted because gameplay was getting REALLY redundant.
  • Next, I had a DoK on Karak-Eight-Peaks, he managed to get up to R24.
  • After that, I played a few careers at the same time, a Black Orc, an Engineer and a KotBS. I got em’ all to early-mid T3.
  • I tried the Choppa after that. Cos’ I had to. I think I got him to R21.
  • And now, I have a R26 Warrior Priest on Eltharion. He’s badass.

Let’s hope that clears the mind of a few people. And I’m probably gonna be throwing up some posts like this when I change again. And nao… let’s do a quick weekly WCPI link because I haven’t done any of those for a but of time :

Gaarawarr Gabs is a great blog that primarily focuses on WAR guides. I’m a personal walkthrough lover and this bastard’s lengthy posts are a very good read. Among his numerous guides, you can find :

  1. An “Epic Crawl” of every Empire and Elf PQ for EVERY Tier (Dwarf in construction I believe).
  2. A Definitive Guide to Armor sets.
  3. An Order guide to Sigmar’s Crypts.

And there it is, my weekly WCPI. Have fun kids, eat your veggies !


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