1.2.1 : Melee seems reliable, and more !

633495988526210130-drive-me-closerYes, with the recent patch, AoE seems to be less of a craze, and MDPS are making their return (I’m not talkin’ about Choppas and Slayers, though. Cone AoE ? HAHA !)

I mean, I’m currently in T3, and even though the RDPS AoE classes are still doing the damagez, it seems the Marauders and all are getting their self-confidence back up. They’re actually going into melee ! Hurray to that !

In other news, the token system is really kewl, but they should lower the “prices” for T2-T3 gear : T1 gear is ridiculously easy to get and T4, well. You’ll be stuck in T4 so you’ll get the tokens after a while… However, T2 and T3 are pretty expensive and you’re not gonna be spending -that- much time in them, so my personal opinion is that they should reduce those prices a lil’.

Keep upgrades, good idea, aye. It wasn’t an absolute need to the game, but it’s definitely a worthwhile addition. My personal favorite ? The patrolling champions guards, oh yeah. Ordnance ? I haven’t been in contact with that too much, but I’ve seen a few items drop and it seems pretty exciting.

Now, the EU herald is fracked as I speak, they’re doing somekind of emergency maintenance for all servers that should’ve been finished an hour ago. So yeah, bored, scouring WHA, y’know.

Oh yesh, guild UI ! Wow, the recruit tab is great. It’s really really great. One thing though, they should really just add a “name” search option (I may be retarded and have not seen it) so you can see particular guilds and their needs etc.

Completely bored and out of ideas here… Hmm… let’s do a Top 24 Career Looks list !

24. Rune Priests. Their Sentinel armor makes them look like plane pilots. Sorry.

23. Archmage. Squishy healers can look good, this one doesn’t.

22. Engineers. They need to redo the helms. Even though Sent helm looks pretteh good.

21. Slayer. I was really disapointed by Slayers. The concept art looked amazing. But the armor doesn’t really change and they all look alike. They’re just half-naked dwarves. The axes rock though !

20. Ironbreaker. Don’t get me wrong IBs CAN look good. But they’re imba so I’m putting them on the end of the list. Own3dh4x.

19. Bright Wizards. They’re okay, they don’t look phenomenal until really high-end gear comes in.

18. Witch Elves. Yeah yeah, spikes. Meh.

17. Sorcerer/Sorceress. The Male Sorcerers look pitiful. With the huge crown’n’all. Makes me crack up.

16. Disciples. The helms should be redone a little bit, you don’t see’em enough.

15. Zealot. We’re getting into the nice looking classes, and my big complaint about the Zealots is : too many beaks.

14. White Lion. Once in T4, they ALL look the same.

13. Squig Herder. Even though I really love the like “cage-ish” helms, Squig Herders aren’t my favies.

12. Swordmasters. They look good. But they all look the same.

11. Witch Hunters. Some people may adore the hat’n’gun thing. I’m just not a huge fan of it.

10. Blackguard. The endgame helms look very very gewd. But until then, they look like a cockroach cut in half.

9. Marauder. We’re gettin’ in the very good looking classes. Marauders, they’re awesome, especially their shoulderpieces.

8. Warrior Priest. Priests that look awesome. OVERPOWERED *points* !

7. Shadow Warrior. The helms that come after the conehead looks are badass. And the ninja-esque shoulderpieces really got me goin’.

6. Magus. Sentinel Armor. Nuff’ said.

5. Knight of the Blazing Sun. Their armor is just great (That is, once you reach T4 primarily). Gold and Black wins over all.

4. Choppa. The bone shoulderpadz are the best looking things EVERZ. An R1 Choppa with Shoulderpads allready looks like a T4 buffed up toon to me.

3. Shamans. Most people won’t agree with me here. But Shammys are the best looking healers in a VERY long time. The zaptwigs are badass and the cowl-robe with skulls look is really my thing.

2. Black Orc. Nothing (except one career) looks better than a T4 Black Orc. Type “Black Orc Sovereign Set” in google : Now THAT’s what I call good looking gear.

1. Chosen. Chosen iz’ teh pwn. Sersiously, they are really really by far the best looking career in-game imo. Only one lil’ thing, the 1h swords/axes should be re-done just a bit.

And that concludes my 24 best looking careers in WAR. Now it’s time to see if the servers are back up…


2 Responses to “1.2.1 : Melee seems reliable, and more !”

  1. 1 Squit
    April 20, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    I agree that chosens and BO’s looks awesome, but I’m kinda suprised Squig Herder scored so low… they look a bit like shammys but cooler imo. The marauder sovereign is AWESOME! No questions about that!

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