Temporary Leave

Yeah…guess who downloaded too much again? -guiltyface-. My internet is capped. Or shaped, depending on where you are. In other words; it means that the lag I get in Warhammer is as ungodly as PvPing in Ironforge. It’s THAT BAD. I get booted from scenarios for inactivity even if I’m in the front-lines SPANKING destro in the face. So yeah, I’m sorry if you don’t get any ‘me’ posts.

Oh no, don’t cry. It’s alright, don’t cry… I’ll make it all better… or rather, my ISP will. Expect my GLORIOUS return by the 18th. Until then, y’know… well I just got Soulstorm today. Who should I play as first; Sisters of Battle or the Dark Eldar?

Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return.


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