A time of confusion and desperation

As you all know, the White Lion won the Altoholism contest, so I’m pretty much obliged to rank him up to 40. Thing is, the single-target damage is not doing well, at all. I feel the game is at an “You AoE, you own” stage right now, and if you only deal single-target damage like the White Lion, you will  have a VERY hard time levelling or even having fun as a whole. I ranked up my WL up to R17, but to be honest, the last level  or two were forcing myself since I’m feeling in debt to the contest and to you guys, the readers/voters.

I’m doing VERY low damage in scenarios (and I’m not undergeared, I’m also playing the class at the very least fairly well, I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault ‘ere), dying a lot in RvR, and thus getting pretty low exp in every sc I pass.

I feel like I’m RvRing while PvEing, too, I mean, I see Choppas soloing 17 mobs at a time, and 3 are giving me a hard time. And yes, I know you’re gonna tell me “Man, don’t worry. Choppas are the FoTM imba class right now, no wonder they’re OP !”, but still they seem very very interesting, and I only leveled up to R6 or somefin’ *greedy eyes*.

Also, I thought to myself. Slayers look like shit (sorry, I still love you Slayers out there ! I think.), Choppas look awesome from their first Shoulderpadz, they deal AoE from R4, and they’re DPS, oh and yeah they’re DESTRO *heavy metal music engages*. So I’ve decided to try a Choppa a little bit, not meaning I’m entirely giving up on my WL, but I just want to see how things go with an actual imba class. I’m sorry if I let you down contest-wise, but I was really having a hard time levelling Arannis. Let’s hope you guys forgive me, I know you will. PLEASE post a comment if you feel like it, cos” I’m really depressed here, not being able to get to R40 and all. I really wanna get up there in the Sentinel, DP and other gears, I really do.

Thanks to all of you. Meteorfall.

ALSO, please post in a comment what you think is the fastest levelling route to R40, that would really really help me a lot. Thanks !


3 Responses to “A time of confusion and desperation”

  1. 1 Squit
    April 13, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Nah, it’s ok. I didn’t even choose WL 😛 But my experience as a WL’s favourite target (atleast it feels that way) is that they indeed can do good damage and take a squishy target (in this case a Squig Herder) down pretty easy if they get the jump on them. I can kite around the most targets, but WL’s and their Pounce+Fetch! make it nearly impossible to kite or flee. I might agreee that in the Age of AoE, single target damage might not contribute much to the team. On the other hand, things are going to change in time, and I’ll stick with my SH as long as I can, slowly working my way up to rank 40. Good luck with whatever class you choose to play.

  2. 2 gijeremy99
    April 13, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    I’m with you, I actually started leveling my Choppa again since I shelfed him after early release. I’ve got 2 40’s and 1 Lvl 25….and what I’ve found to be the fastes way to solely level your player level while almost completely abandoning your RR is AOE grinding Pq’s. There are some really good spots here and there. But the key is to get 1 AOE DPS (you), and 1 Healer. and 1 tank. Make sure the highest level person is still about 2 underleveled for the pq and get your grind on. ie. Chapter 10 and your all lvl 6-8 etc..

  3. April 13, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Any chance I could get a hold of you? Would you mind contacting me by email?


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