Altoholism ? It buuuurns… ! Helpz !

I have this weird thing where each time I roll a toon, I get VERY bored at Rank 11-20 and decide to reroll. The only exception being my R38 BG which was fun, while it lasted…

So, I am here holding some kind of poll I’m guessing, in which you people will have to tell me what Ima have to roll next. Here’s a few details :

-I have tried every single class except : Archey, Zealot, RP, Slayer and White Lion.

-I don’t mind any single role, I like to Tank, deal damage AND Heal.

-I WILL be rolling the class that has the highest number of votes up to R40.

-If you want to laugh at me my Order server is Karak-Azgal (EU) and my Destro server is Karak-Eight-Peaks (EU). Heh.

I’ll close the votes in a week or something, so please hurry up and submit your entry 🙂

I’ll also be doing posts about my progression with that char once I’ve started, “ala” Gromvarg.

I know this is somewhat similar to PhoenixRed’s Casual Community WAR Experiment back on WHA, except you will not be telling me what levelling route/spec I should be doing. Thank god…

Thanks to all who vote ! Eat your veggies kids !

EDIT : The winner of the poll is the White Lion ! Thanks for voting ! Be sure to look out for the updates on the levelling of my White Lion !


4 Responses to “Altoholism ? It buuuurns… ! Helpz !”

  1. 1 Hashmalum
    April 5, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    My first impulse was to suggest Ironbreaker, but you’ve got a Blackguard, and such would be redundant.

    Consider the Archmage. Give it a playtest, if nothing else (you’ll be able to add one class to the list of ‘I’ve tried this’.) – It’s due for some major changes, and you’ll be able to cover a wide variety of roles, from debuffing to healing to damage.

    As a benefit, it’s probably as different in playstyle from a Blackguard as you can get, so there’ll be a learning curve and a broadening of your skillset.

  2. April 6, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Go shaman! Or Squiggy! Gobbos are so entertaining. 😀

  3. April 6, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Go, Rune Priest! I won’t envy you if that somehow wins the poll 😛

  4. April 6, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    I vote Rune Priest. With the way that balance goes, they’ll be getting love soon. Also, once all of the balance hits a happy equilibrium, Rune priests have the least amount of mechanic to screw up. 1) They’re not melee, so there’s a lot less you have to worry about in the long run about AoE, ranged damage, or focus fire melee (assuming your tanks do well). 2) They’re mostly pure healers, so you don’t have a mechanic reworking like AM/Sham. 3) They’re Dwarfs, so you get the Dwarf racial armor tactic, plus one of the best racial groupings and battlefronts (Dwarf vs Greenskin is top notch) I’ve gone from Engineer to Witch Hunter to Rune Priest, and since the Slayer, I’ve got a Dwarf of every Archetype. Still loving the Rune Priest, though.

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