We won something? Tha’s ded sexeh.

This is an obligatory bragging post. I’d list the blogs but Meteorfall already listed my favourites; the ones I think would be deserving of bragging rights. I wish Meteorfall would have told me about all this. I get sidetracked with WAR and my kids and stuff so I rarely check the Warhammer Alliance sites and the like. So we won things? Fuck yeah. I haven’t won anything since I found out how to rig greed rolls over on WoW. And sticky keyboards? Ewwww. They sell keyboard guards at your local department store or computer shop. My local computer place is called the “Nerd Store”. I would work there just for the name.

I’m actually pretty happy that some of my favourite blogs are the ones that referred us. “Mommy Can I Play Warhammer” is a blog I can relate to, because my 4 and 5 year old brothers (who I’ve raised to the extent that I get shit for father’s day) love Warhammer, and like nothing more than watching me use Knockback abilities on Stunties. Oh god what have I done?

Okay, let’s skip to ten things about me.

1: I’m Australian. Yes, I ride kangaroos to work. I work at the Department of Boomerang Legislation and Fosters Production.

2: All my female friends are lesbians.

3: I play on Dark Crag and Praag

4: This would have been my fifth year on WoW if Metoerfall didn’t coax me back to da WAAAGH.

5: I drink the Mother energy drink to the point where I found out what happens if you drink too much.

6: My real name is actually Michael, but I changed my WordPress name to “Halfblind” to mourne the loss of my R25 Warrior-Priest.

7: Yes it’s true, my level 70 Blood Elf Paladin on WoW was named Bankai. I’d been watching Bleach a lot at the time.

8: Meteorfall once deleted his level 47 Hunter and then spent a whole year bitching about it.

9: I own seven swords, which adds to my disappointment in the Swordmaster class.

10: I still yell one thing after all these years… “FOR THE HORDE!

Yep…and I wonder why I’m single. ^^


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