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A quick update for those who are confused – And WCPI !

So, I’m pretty sure 3/4 of our readers (That’s about 2 I’m guessing.), have no fucking idea about what careers me and Mike have since we’re so incoherent. Well, here’s MY list of the characters I ever had, and the one(s) I’m using right now :

  • I first started as a Marauder, at about… October-November 2008. Deleted him after Rank 26 I believe.
  • My next character was a R38 Blackguard on Karak-Norn, which I deleted because gameplay was getting REALLY redundant.
  • Next, I had a DoK on Karak-Eight-Peaks, he managed to get up to R24.
  • After that, I played a few careers at the same time, a Black Orc, an Engineer and a KotBS. I got em’ all to early-mid T3.
  • I tried the Choppa after that. Cos’ I had to. I think I got him to R21.
  • And now, I have a R26 Warrior Priest on Eltharion. He’s badass.

Let’s hope that clears the mind of a few people. And I’m probably gonna be throwing up some posts like this when I change again. And nao… let’s do a quick weekly WCPI link because I haven’t done any of those for a but of time :

Gaarawarr Gabs is a great blog that primarily focuses on WAR guides. I’m a personal walkthrough lover and this bastard’s lengthy posts are a very good read. Among his numerous guides, you can find :

  1. An “Epic Crawl” of every Empire and Elf PQ for EVERY Tier (Dwarf in construction I believe).
  2. A Definitive Guide to Armor sets.
  3. An Order guide to Sigmar’s Crypts.

And there it is, my weekly WCPI. Have fun kids, eat your veggies !


Sovereign gear, you know you want it

The Sovereign set is the best in-game armor, it drops from King Sieges and requires a very high renown rank. Furthermore, the armor looks OMFG ULTR4 B4D455. And thus, I have decided to scour the intrawebz to find every available screenshot or concept art of the Sovereign set for each class. I will post them in links on this post, and please send me a comment if I missed one, because the Sovereign set has not been revealed for some of the careers. Also please note me if I’m wrong somewhere.

Empire :

Knight of the Blazing Sun

Witch Hunter

Bright Wizard

Warrior Priest

Dwarf :




Rune Priest

High Elf :


White Lion

Shadow Warrior – Not found

Archmage – Not found

Chaos :





Greenskin :

Black Orc


Squig Herder – Not found


Dark Elf :


Witch Elf


Disciple of Khaine

And there you have it, except a few careers which I really couldn’t find. Most of these are certain, but some of them may be wrong since no one actually collected full Sovereign yet.

On another note, /salute to Pancakez and Omelettez from Breakfast at WAR our dear friends and lovers (Wait.. what ? NO, PANCAKEZ I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY THAT !1!1!!eleventyone), who just left WAR. May the force be with you.

-Waaagh well, Meteorfall.


1.2.1 : Melee seems reliable, and more !

633495988526210130-drive-me-closerYes, with the recent patch, AoE seems to be less of a craze, and MDPS are making their return (I’m not talkin’ about Choppas and Slayers, though. Cone AoE ? HAHA !)

I mean, I’m currently in T3, and even though the RDPS AoE classes are still doing the damagez, it seems the Marauders and all are getting their self-confidence back up. They’re actually going into melee ! Hurray to that !

In other news, the token system is really kewl, but they should lower the “prices” for T2-T3 gear : T1 gear is ridiculously easy to get and T4, well. You’ll be stuck in T4 so you’ll get the tokens after a while… However, T2 and T3 are pretty expensive and you’re not gonna be spending -that- much time in them, so my personal opinion is that they should reduce those prices a lil’.

Keep upgrades, good idea, aye. It wasn’t an absolute need to the game, but it’s definitely a worthwhile addition. My personal favorite ? The patrolling champions guards, oh yeah. Ordnance ? I haven’t been in contact with that too much, but I’ve seen a few items drop and it seems pretty exciting.

Now, the EU herald is fracked as I speak, they’re doing somekind of emergency maintenance for all servers that should’ve been finished an hour ago. So yeah, bored, scouring WHA, y’know.

Oh yesh, guild UI ! Wow, the recruit tab is great. It’s really really great. One thing though, they should really just add a “name” search option (I may be retarded and have not seen it) so you can see particular guilds and their needs etc.

Completely bored and out of ideas here… Hmm… let’s do a Top 24 Career Looks list !

24. Rune Priests. Their Sentinel armor makes them look like plane pilots. Sorry.

23. Archmage. Squishy healers can look good, this one doesn’t.

22. Engineers. They need to redo the helms. Even though Sent helm looks pretteh good.

21. Slayer. I was really disapointed by Slayers. The concept art looked amazing. But the armor doesn’t really change and they all look alike. They’re just half-naked dwarves. The axes rock though !

20. Ironbreaker. Don’t get me wrong IBs CAN look good. But they’re imba so I’m putting them on the end of the list. Own3dh4x.

19. Bright Wizards. They’re okay, they don’t look phenomenal until really high-end gear comes in.

18. Witch Elves. Yeah yeah, spikes. Meh.

17. Sorcerer/Sorceress. The Male Sorcerers look pitiful. With the huge crown’n’all. Makes me crack up.

16. Disciples. The helms should be redone a little bit, you don’t see’em enough.

15. Zealot. We’re getting into the nice looking classes, and my big complaint about the Zealots is : too many beaks.

14. White Lion. Once in T4, they ALL look the same.

13. Squig Herder. Even though I really love the like “cage-ish” helms, Squig Herders aren’t my favies.

12. Swordmasters. They look good. But they all look the same.

11. Witch Hunters. Some people may adore the hat’n’gun thing. I’m just not a huge fan of it.

10. Blackguard. The endgame helms look very very gewd. But until then, they look like a cockroach cut in half.

9. Marauder. We’re gettin’ in the very good looking classes. Marauders, they’re awesome, especially their shoulderpieces.

8. Warrior Priest. Priests that look awesome. OVERPOWERED *points* !

7. Shadow Warrior. The helms that come after the conehead looks are badass. And the ninja-esque shoulderpieces really got me goin’.

6. Magus. Sentinel Armor. Nuff’ said.

5. Knight of the Blazing Sun. Their armor is just great (That is, once you reach T4 primarily). Gold and Black wins over all.

4. Choppa. The bone shoulderpadz are the best looking things EVERZ. An R1 Choppa with Shoulderpads allready looks like a T4 buffed up toon to me.

3. Shamans. Most people won’t agree with me here. But Shammys are the best looking healers in a VERY long time. The zaptwigs are badass and the cowl-robe with skulls look is really my thing.

2. Black Orc. Nothing (except one career) looks better than a T4 Black Orc. Type “Black Orc Sovereign Set” in google : Now THAT’s what I call good looking gear.

1. Chosen. Chosen iz’ teh pwn. Sersiously, they are really really by far the best looking career in-game imo. Only one lil’ thing, the 1h swords/axes should be re-done just a bit.

And that concludes my 24 best looking careers in WAR. Now it’s time to see if the servers are back up…


Two World Firsts in a week ! Both on EU servers !

A week ago, Destro took out Karl Franz for the first time on Karak-Eight-Peaks (EU) (Haha, that’s my Destro server ! Yay !). And yesterday, another EU server, Eltharion, managed to kill Tchar’ Zanek.

Tbh, I thought we all knew Sovereign gear was gonna have to wait for ages, but with the recent king sieges, I feel like endgame is getting better and better. People are actually doing the very end raids and are starting to get that damned loot. I say let’s race for the first one who gets full Sovereign, but wait, lemme get to R40 first.

Congrats to all the people who participated in the sieges !



Don’t get scared, I’m still ‘ere

Just a short note, even though Mike won’t be putting up some WAR related things until the 18th, that surely does not mean that I won’t. Gwahaha.

Sisters of Battle FTW



Temporary Leave

Yeah…guess who downloaded too much again? -guiltyface-. My internet is capped. Or shaped, depending on where you are. In other words; it means that the lag I get in Warhammer is as ungodly as PvPing in Ironforge. It’s THAT BAD. I get booted from scenarios for inactivity even if I’m in the front-lines SPANKING destro in the face. So yeah, I’m sorry if you don’t get any ‘me’ posts.

Oh no, don’t cry. It’s alright, don’t cry… I’ll make it all better… or rather, my ISP will. Expect my GLORIOUS return by the 18th. Until then, y’know… well I just got Soulstorm today. Who should I play as first; Sisters of Battle or the Dark Eldar?

Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return.


A time of confusion and desperation

As you all know, the White Lion won the Altoholism contest, so I’m pretty much obliged to rank him up to 40. Thing is, the single-target damage is not doing well, at all. I feel the game is at an “You AoE, you own” stage right now, and if you only deal single-target damage like the White Lion, you will  have a VERY hard time levelling or even having fun as a whole. I ranked up my WL up to R17, but to be honest, the last level  or two were forcing myself since I’m feeling in debt to the contest and to you guys, the readers/voters.

I’m doing VERY low damage in scenarios (and I’m not undergeared, I’m also playing the class at the very least fairly well, I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault ‘ere), dying a lot in RvR, and thus getting pretty low exp in every sc I pass.

I feel like I’m RvRing while PvEing, too, I mean, I see Choppas soloing 17 mobs at a time, and 3 are giving me a hard time. And yes, I know you’re gonna tell me “Man, don’t worry. Choppas are the FoTM imba class right now, no wonder they’re OP !”, but still they seem very very interesting, and I only leveled up to R6 or somefin’ *greedy eyes*.

Also, I thought to myself. Slayers look like shit (sorry, I still love you Slayers out there ! I think.), Choppas look awesome from their first Shoulderpadz, they deal AoE from R4, and they’re DPS, oh and yeah they’re DESTRO *heavy metal music engages*. So I’ve decided to try a Choppa a little bit, not meaning I’m entirely giving up on my WL, but I just want to see how things go with an actual imba class. I’m sorry if I let you down contest-wise, but I was really having a hard time levelling Arannis. Let’s hope you guys forgive me, I know you will. PLEASE post a comment if you feel like it, cos” I’m really depressed here, not being able to get to R40 and all. I really wanna get up there in the Sentinel, DP and other gears, I really do.

Thanks to all of you. Meteorfall.

ALSO, please post in a comment what you think is the fastest levelling route to R40, that would really really help me a lot. Thanks !