A Requiem of Destruction

Name shamelessly lifted from the second best guild I was ever in on WoW. I recently rerolled a Witch Elf on Praag,where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Not only am I now desensitized to jiggly butts, but I’m kicking ass. My Witch-Elf seems to kill more Order than my Witch-Hunter eve did to Destruction.

I’m having a lot of fun, and it’s awesome to run around with people who have a bit of style, for a change. I mean, Order is fun and all, and if you’re on Dark Crag, they’re the winning team, but Destruction look good. Destruction’s good classes actually look badass, I mean, look at the Disciple of Khaine. Looks a bunch better than a Warrior-Priest. And Destruction’s tanks are cooler too.

Destruction tanks: Big nasty Orc. Big tank in armour. Pissed off Dark Elf.

Order tanks: Stunty. Rainbow Human. Elf in a Dress.

Come on. Who’re you choosing here? Destruction actually look good, and who doesn’t like being evil? But as you can tell, this post is kind of a retaliation, counterpart or long-winded comment to Meteorfall’s previous post. But yeah, for the most part Destro seems to have zergish qualities, but they can bring the pain if someone, such as myself, co-ordinates them into co-operation.

I’m playing a Witch-Elf named Sephissa and trying out a Zealot I called Aiuren. Having a new account is giving me a good excuse to try new things, although I may go back to Dark Crag and work on my Swordbastard or roll a Warrior-Priest. I’ll talk to Meteorfall about putting down a Character List on the side of the page so you can keep up with our shennanigans or even join in on them ingame! How rockin’ would that be? You could be all “I saw his name on Spank the Tank! I want to run him through PQs cos he sorely needs gear!”

Take the hint people. I want shiny things. Mike out. WAAAGH!!!!!!!


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