Order and it’s conveniences

So yeah, Destruction is cool, they’re the badass evil-doers that everyone loves in an MMORPG. But guys, Order. They have some nice stuff on their side.

First of all, since Destro massively outnumbers Order on most server, scenarios pop VERY fast. And that’s a very very very (I can’t stress this enough) good thing. You gain exp/renown MUCH faster and can get some quite nice loot from RvR. I mean, I’m always the one complaining about how slow I’m levelling due to scenarios not popping very often on Destro side.

Second, Order has the best mirrors for a lot of careers. Engies vs Magus’, Engies win. KotBS vs Chosen, KotBS. RPs vs Zealots, RP probably. WPs vs DoKs, Grace WPs probably go for the win. And a few more. Oh and yeah, they have IRONBREAKERS. They win over every other career instantly.

Third, I find that most Destro players tend to not listen to orders and just mindlessly try and zerg every moving thing they see. Well, Order, they listen to orders. And no, that was not intentional. But truly, they seem to be less stupid than a lot of Destro players.

Altdorf has the College of Magic or whatever it’s called in it. Most badass looking building EVER.

Even though Destro look way better (Hah !), Order has some nice things to offer. By the way, I rolled a WH on Azgal, he’s badass.



1 Response to “Order and it’s conveniences”

  1. March 28, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    All great reasons why I made the switch from Order to Destruction when my first server died. I still can’t believe Chaos Wastes is gone… the only RP/RvR server they had. Big sad times.

    Anyways, I still miss my lil Squig Herder. Order might have a couple of tactical advantages through this recent round of patching, but Destro is definitely much more stylish.

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