WCPI: Blame the Healer

Alrighty, all ye humies and pointy-ears and wee stunty fuckers! It’s my turn to promote another blog in an effort to help the Warhammer…something? I’m horrible with acronyms. -scrolls down the list- Ah. Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative.

Anyways, the one I’m promoting is possibly my favourite blog out there; Blame The Healer! This name inspired Spank the Tank, after we realised it was already taken as a name. The Blog is run by Dont, who is a very artistic and amusing individual.

Blame the Healer has a whole host of good ideas, illustrated with cute little comics next to them.  And the posts are always funny. I urge you to read Blame the Healer. Do it. Do it now!

I’m bad at this. Make Meteorfall do it.


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