Mike’s Quest For Power; Kiss My Axe

For those of you (like myself) who don’t regularly check the Warhammer Age of Reckoning Main Site, then let me be the first to tell ya! Richie Castellano and Eric Bloom, members of legendary rock band Blue Oyster Cult, have been found on Warhammer, on Ironfist. Eric Bloom is a notable gamer and even has an R40 Sorc there.

They went into Mythic and recorded a song called “Kiss My Axe (And I’ll Drink My Beer)”! It’s a song about Slayers, which pretty much sets the scene. I don’t really like the class because of how they look, but their lore and storyline is badass. It’s power metal, which kicks ass for me because I loves the power metal. I dig it hard. Link to the Awesome Song.

It’s up for free download from the Age of Reckoning Main Site. Maybe I’ll talk to Meteorfall about hosting a Spank the Tank machinima competition!

I also encourage more songs about WAR from these people. I’d like to suggest subjects or titles but they’re terrible.  But yeah. Download the song. Here’s another link to the Awesome Song.

In other news, I’ll be rerolling soon, as I’m getting a fresh start on the game. I’m rolling five classes; one for each role, and I’m open to suggestion.


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