Mike’s Quest For Power; Alt-ernative Lifestyle

I think I can never escape my evil roots. Today, I took a guildie of mine, an R20 Archmage/R21 Witch Hunter named Sander, who had been my main healer and Main Assist during the continuous battles for Empire T2 on Dark Crag, and helped win the battles that allowed us to keep the keeps for five days straight. Anyway, we’ve both made reroll alts on Praag in Destruction’s Army, hoping to bring a bit of mayhem and power of Order into the realm.

We’ve both rolled about three or four classes each, and we’re hoping to bring more from the guild over to the dark side.

In other news, Bitter Rivals is over (yay!) and now those of us who were willing (or stupid) enough have our Choppas and Slayers. After scenario’ing against them for a bit, I’ve realized one thing; they’re both overpowered, and both factions are bitching that the opposite faction’s new class is stronger. As far as I can tell, they’re even, but Choppas might be just an almost useless amount stronger than a Slayer.

I am hoping that the next few patches fix this, because having Choppas and Slayers in the hands of the masses with the current power will make tanks nigh-on obsolete. Earlier I saw two Slayers soloing a public quest at their level, with no healers.  Only DoKs and Warrior Priests should be able to do that. Hmph.

I’m enjoying Destruction on Praag; I’ve rolled a Disciple of Khaine, and Sander has rolled a Black Guard. As standby alts I also have every other class Dark Elves get.  They’re the reason I played this game. I’m hoping to draw (corrupt) a few friends and bring them over from WoW, too, and rebuild the ungodly fury that was Frozen Ascendancy.

But I’d like to address one issue currently plaguing the Warhammer forums: Army Balance. We all know and except that Warhammer is not the most balanced game in the world, Mythic aren’t balance whores, as we know. But lately, Destruction have been complaining that Order’s classes are getting too powerful and they’re getting the nerf-hammer. Having extensively played both sides since release, I’m going to address some stuff.

One of the real reasons Destruction has seen such crushing defeat, at least on Dark Crag, is due to a major step-up in organization from many, many Order players and Guilds. I’ve never seen an Order warband mindlessly Zerg through an ORvR zone, and I rarely see a full warband of T3 Order roaming through T2 ganking every Destruction lowbie they see. Coordination and honour are beating Destruction.

Early in the game, yes, Bright Wizards were far superior to the Sorceresses, but many of these changes have been fixed, and not just by Mythic. More players are finding the niches that their classes fill, and while Bright Wizards can really pump out more direct damage, a Sorceress’ is able to rain down terrible fury with her AoE attacks. I got a lecture about all this from the first guild I was ever in, back on Lucian, when I was an R11 Sorceress wondering where to spend his Mastery Points.

I’ll say this, just like I said to the Alliance players who tried to find holes in everything I ever, ever did: you cannot blame the opposing faction for beating you in a fair fight.

Oh yeah, I’d like to make this common knowledge, because it doesn’t seem to be. Mythic have dubbed pulling a Keep Lord out to the pad to be an exploit, and he/she is only to be fought in the room. People can get red cards and bans for pulling the Keep Lord out to the pad.

I’d also like to put the word out for people to report the gold farmers to Mythic, and add to the ever increasing Banhammer that they have going.  Mythic are really stacking up the Righteous Fury here, people! Lets kick some ass on those damn farmers before they ruin WAR like they ruined WoW!

Today’s been a rant and a half. Whew. If you see me on Praag or Dark Crag, remember to say hi.


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