Dominating T2 with Dominion, yeah you read that right.

We all know about them famous renown equipment pieces you get from gear vendors as you go up in ranks. In T2, you get Dominion and Conquest pieces. Now all I’m saying is, every guy I “inspect” in a scenario has almost every single piece of his shit from those sets. It seems EVERYONE thinks it’s the best stuff since it comes from renown or somefin’. And I’m not saying I dislike those sets, oh no, I’m just sayin’ they are over-used. I myself prefer farming PQs and Influence so I can actually get better gear than them. You know, the blue and purple ones.

Dominion gear is probably the most popular cos’ it gives pieces of equipment you may not have at your level (i.e if you’re not lucky you don’t have shoulders at R13 and a helm at R16) and most of the time they’re better than the regular quest greens. Seriously though, try and inspecting a guy who ranges from R16-R20 and if he doesn’t have half of his gear from the Dominion/Conquest sets, than that’s totally fucked up.

And it’s very easy to get, get RR12 or something and each rank you get additional pieces from the renown gear vendor. Meh, I guess it’s good people don’t have to remain in their R5 gear until they drop something decent. But y’know, I’d like to see people in different sorts of armor and not only Renown greens. Where did the “OMFG I DROPPED EPIC !1!!1!!!” go ?



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