Mike’s Quest For Power; A Quick Post

A quickie, tonight, ladies and gentlemen. About an hour and a half ago, Mythic unlocked every other Bitter Rivals task. Within a minute I was part of a full warband, within a half-hour I had earned my Choppa/Slayer, and I probably won’t play them because I just dislike their races in general. Within an hour I’d fully completed Bitter Rivals, having sworn at the last Marauder just after the Barak Varr keep fell.

To be honest, Heavy Metal seemed a better use of my time, and an all-about better event. This one was too short, too easy, and lacking in anything actually useable. I still have the Heavy Metal cloak equipped to my rarely used Sorceress on Darklands.

My Warrior-Priest is halfway to Rank 18 and I just need the chestpiece to complete my Havoc set. I’m trying to complete stuff this time around, as I go. I haven’t left a single Empire PQ chapter unfinished yet, except for the ORVR camps, because those are horrible horrible things to finish.

I’d also like to vocalize an idea yelled about in an Order warband; nerf the level restriction on zones in ORVR realms. Reduce it by 5 ranks so the highest level allowed in T2 is an R26, rather than R31. R26 is fairer and actually killable by T2 level players. T3 Destruction players are swarming our zones, and Order have only taken (and kept) one Tier 2 keep in Dark Crag for days now; there’s just too many T3 levels…

Aaaand we’re done. Told you it’d be a quickie. Was it good for you too?


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