Mike’s Quest For Power; Bitter Rivals and Stupid Allies

Been kicking ass on my Warrior-Priest lately, ladies. And yeah, Bitter Rivals be here! It’s the first day and I’m onto the Basic reward and done both tasks so far. Unlike the previous scenario (Reikland Factory), Twisting Tower is a very shiny and coded scenario that plays similarly to an indoors version of Khaine’s Embrace. That said, the group often gets split up, and being indoors, there’s corners and you will die often because the healers just can’t get the line of sight. I haven’t been happy with healers today, in all honesty. First the Twisting Tower pretty much makes RuneStunties and Archmages get a lot less use because of all the terrain in their way, making Warrior-Priests and Disciples of Khaine the healers of choice.

But screw Bitter Rivals for a second, I’m going to yell at Dark Crag’s T2 Order healers for a minute. I was in Phoenix Gate today, the only Warrior-Priest there. Every other healer was a Runestunty or Archmage. We had a really solid RDPS back line, with a special mention to Kingburn the Bright Wizard, who managed to utterly incinerate anything that got in my way. Our frontline, however, was myself, some irate Knight of the Blazing Sun, and a couple of Witch Hunters that spent most of the time trying to go invisible and flank around for the flag.

As I said last time, that hasn’t been a viable tactic since the first month of release, when I was one of the few people on Lucan’s Destruction army that actually did so. So we’re charging Destro’s really heavy frontlines; they had mostly Chosen and Black Orcs in melee, but they had a serious amount of Sorceresses, Magi and Goblins backing them up. It’s not a problem, I managed to keep myself and the Knight alive, especially with that second Warrior-Priest Morale skill that’s like a mass AoE drain. But then, like Red 6 in A New Hope, I realised something; “The guns. They’ve stopped.” Our frontliners had torn through Destruction so well that we were in the middle of their back lines, with a bunch of Destruction tank corpses behind us, and squishy squishy casters dying in front of us. And then we died. Because our healers and ranged damagedealers couldn’t, or most likely, wouldn’t get in range to heal us. That pissed me off. Not only did I get blamed by that Knight and both Witch Hunters, I died too. I’m morally opposed to being killed! If you are going to be a healer, you have to be prepared to actually stay in range of the people you are healing. Don’t worry about the R12 Sorceress. She couldn’t hurt a freaking thing; I know, I used to be one!

So back to Bitter Rivals. It’s doing well, I’m not as amused by it as I am by Heavy Metal, but man…ORVR is going OFF. I spent five hours in Empire T2 ORVR just killing (and being killed) by people who were fighting with the Slayers and Choppas. And then Destruction did the typical Dark Crag Destruction thing and bought in a whole bunch of Tier 3 ranked players to beat up on us poor widdle Tier 2 players. We killed most of them, so nyeh.  I’ll wait until more quests come up, but for now, I’m not queueing for Twisted Tower; I don’t like it.

I’ve found Halfblind (my Warrior-Priest) a guild, too. It’s called Without Remorse, and has a pretty decent Tier 2 roster. One of the people in the guild is named Jerremiah, a name he took from the anime Code Geass. So if you see Jerremiah on Dark Crag, just /shout “All Hail Britannia!” at him. He’ll get what you mean.

But that’s enough from me for today. It’s hard to believe I spent that much space ranting about healers. Also, why’re Warrior-Priests so popular lately? See a lot of them these days. I’ve also been told that Shadow Warriors are being mocked as a “flavour of the month” class. Someone tell me why; I like my Shadow Warrior.

Congratulations to Zac on winning our tagline contest.

P.S: If you’re on Dark Crag and selling Chaos Black Dyes, you can find me ingame as “Halfblind” or “Kitiina”. I want.

P.P.S: Yes I know it’s cheap to advertise on a blog I share with a foul smelling Black Orc. Quiet, you.


3 Responses to “Mike’s Quest For Power; Bitter Rivals and Stupid Allies”

  1. March 4, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    I took my RP into Twisting Tower last night and yeah, line of sight was horrible, coupled with the fact that I had no clue where I was going or what I was supposed to do. I only played one game but I’ll give it another shot tonight.

  2. 2 RaiulBaztepo
    March 31, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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