Mike’s Quest For Power; Skirmish and Carnage

Hail from the lands of Order! Today, a post from the adventures of two of my characters. Gloriousness! Aaaand in the very shadowy corner of Barak Varr comes my Shadow Warrior~

Dark Crag’s Order can never get a break in Phoenix Gate. We always lose it, dammit. Half the group charges the front to assault Destruction, and the other half like to think they’re ninjas or something and go ‘around the side’, only to be met by a level 20 DoK and level 20 Black Orc who just look oh-so-badass… Lemme tell ya, ‘around the side’ hasn’t been a reasonable stratagem since the second or third week of release.

I also had to reset my mastery points or something…I’m not sure. Either way, my Skirmisher Path is looking awesome. A possible name for this post was going to be “And I’ll Never Use Eagle Eye Again”. Why should I use it when Spiral-Shafted Arrows is so much more efficient and has better effects? Although I’ve over-grandized Fire Shot since playing Lord of the Rings: Conquest, wherein Fire Shot causes explosions and kills things really nicely.

I love being able to use a lot of my cast-time skills while moving, and the freedom it offers. And the evil edge it gives me over flag-carriers.  It’s amazing we lose Phoenix Gate. But we win almost every single Mourkain Temple that comes up, so that’s nice. Did some keep-takes the other day. It was fun. We took Barak Varr’s keep in roughly five-minutes. The amount of RDPS in the group was crazy. Three or four engineers and about two Bright Wizards. Things just died.

It ended up being a retarded game of tug-of-war, because there was a T3-level Destruction group taking them back straight after we left for Marshes of Madness. And I didn’t get any good loot. It’s what sucks about being a DPS character, in my mind, we’re nowhere near as vital as the Warrior-Priests that seem to be very popular lately.

Speaking of Warrior-Priests, mine came across a title that’s almost as smexy as a Witch Elf; Carnage Incarnate. I completed my Carnage Set today, with about two or three hours of Public Questing. I love being a healer when I want to PQ. I just need to snap my fingers and bam, group’s ready. I really like the ‘incarnate’ part because in my off-time I work as a writer on my friend’s comic project, and I have a character in it, who is the current Incarnate of Death.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside like Bright Wizards do to Squig Herders.

I’m really getting the hang of healing, too.  I used to be a main-healer on WarCraft but Warhammer’s healing is so…unique and fun. It’s not sitting there, heart-attack brewing, spamming Holy Light. Warrior-Priests get to smash things with a hammer while they heal people; reminds me of Clerics in Dragonlance. Except I’m here for Sigmar, not Paladine.

I’ve also started yelling “For the Horde” after significant wins. It always gets a laugh. So if you see a Warrior-Priest or Shadow-Warrior shouting “For The Horde” and you’ve just kicked ass in a keep raid? Spank the Tank is there. Watching. Always watching. Always.


2 Responses to “Mike’s Quest For Power; Skirmish and Carnage”

  1. March 24, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Really? I can BUY VIAGRA?! ROCKIN’. Will you also sell me a penis pumper and a rubber ass? No? Awww. You suck. You just lost a customer!

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