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So ? We won an award ? NO, WE’VE WON THREE !

There’s been this weird and creepy thing where other people actually give awards to other people’s blogs… ewww. But yes ! We have won not one, but two ! From the stinky old bastard-ette Urp Stinkbref at Cry me a RvR ! and our fellow comrades at Breakfast at WAR, but also… Catherine from Mommy can I play Warhammer ?

So yeah, here are the rules we’re supposed to follow (nonsense !) :

  1. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim , and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real.
  2. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

First part is done. Here comes the bad one. Seven fucking blogs ? Meh, allright. Meteorfall bragging off.


2. Stunty Stomper Cos’ he stole my orginial idea for a Greenskin last name.

3. Whoever the *censored* started this So the infinite loop of Dark Matter and Energy makes the world go berserk in a last effort of Machinima. Ooh, that didn’t sound right.

4. WAAAGH! Just cos’ he’s on every other reward list !

5. Cry me a RvR Miss Vindaloo, I have no idea what that name means, but keep on doing whatever you’re doing right now !

6. Blame the Healer Don’t put this guy on your reward list thingey ! Haha… get it ? Oh come on ! It’s en-bolded !

7. Way of the Chosen At this point I’m not sure of what I’m doing since I’m horribly drunk and I’m apparently watching Machinima of Halo 3 maps right now. GO RIVS !

HAHA ! You thought this was the end right… RIGHT ? WELL IT ISN’T ! THERE’S MORE AWARDS ! Yep, huh-huh, moolahey, that’s right ! Cos’ I’m against the norm of societey and have decided to nominate MORE than 7 blogs for this !

8. Girl IRL Thank god you took those horribly hypnotic pink things off your blog. You’ve won an award !

9. Spank the Tank Hah! I bet you didn’t expect that. I love this blog. Read it, MOAR !

10. Breakfast at WAR Take this ! EIGHTH award !

Hokay I should probably speed this thign up since I feel my eyes are starting to see things, bad things. Wait what ? I need to list 10 things about myself ? Goddamn…

1. I’m French, that’s right. HATE ME NAO !

2. I’m French.

3. I’m French, thus I play on EU servers ! Yep, huh-huh, moolahey, that’s right.

4. I drink orange juice with a spoon.

5. I played WoW before, hate me even MOAR !

6. I’m French, and my name is Zak.

7. My retarded fellow writer is an aussie, and he loves Bleach to the point where he names some of his characters from the anime series.

8. Three more honest things about me ? Gawd… I like big butts and I cannot lie ?

9. Moolahey.

10. Last one ! Concentrate… MILK FOR THE MILK GOD !

It’s finished ! WOOHOO ! *falls*


WCPI : Spearhead

Spearhead is another one of those crazy blogs that we like. Don’t be surprised if you see pictures of any random thing on it, like Beavis and Butthead or something. Oh and yeah, they are ALL related to WAR in someway.

Spearhead started blogging a little after we did, but he has been supporting us for a while. Which is VERY good if you want to get a WCPI post in here folks… hehe.

As one of my favorite posts, Dungdat’s Squig Herder Special is one of their oldest ones. But it’s very funneh, and you should check it out.

Anyways Dungdat, Baphemetis or whatever the fuck your name is ;), good luck on blogging mate.


A Requiem of Destruction

Name shamelessly lifted from the second best guild I was ever in on WoW. I recently rerolled a Witch Elf on Praag,where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Not only am I now desensitized to jiggly butts, but I’m kicking ass. My Witch-Elf seems to kill more Order than my Witch-Hunter eve did to Destruction.

I’m having a lot of fun, and it’s awesome to run around with people who have a bit of style, for a change. I mean, Order is fun and all, and if you’re on Dark Crag, they’re the winning team, but Destruction look good. Destruction’s good classes actually look badass, I mean, look at the Disciple of Khaine. Looks a bunch better than a Warrior-Priest. And Destruction’s tanks are cooler too.

Destruction tanks: Big nasty Orc. Big tank in armour. Pissed off Dark Elf.

Order tanks: Stunty. Rainbow Human. Elf in a Dress.

Come on. Who’re you choosing here? Destruction actually look good, and who doesn’t like being evil? But as you can tell, this post is kind of a retaliation, counterpart or long-winded comment to Meteorfall’s previous post. But yeah, for the most part Destro seems to have zergish qualities, but they can bring the pain if someone, such as myself, co-ordinates them into co-operation.

I’m playing a Witch-Elf named Sephissa and trying out a Zealot I called Aiuren. Having a new account is giving me a good excuse to try new things, although I may go back to Dark Crag and work on my Swordbastard or roll a Warrior-Priest. I’ll talk to Meteorfall about putting down a Character List on the side of the page so you can keep up with our shennanigans or even join in on them ingame! How rockin’ would that be? You could be all “I saw his name on Spank the Tank! I want to run him through PQs cos he sorely needs gear!”

Take the hint people. I want shiny things. Mike out. WAAAGH!!!!!!!


Order and it’s conveniences

So yeah, Destruction is cool, they’re the badass evil-doers that everyone loves in an MMORPG. But guys, Order. They have some nice stuff on their side.

First of all, since Destro massively outnumbers Order on most server, scenarios pop VERY fast. And that’s a very very very (I can’t stress this enough) good thing. You gain exp/renown MUCH faster and can get some quite nice loot from RvR. I mean, I’m always the one complaining about how slow I’m levelling due to scenarios not popping very often on Destro side.

Second, Order has the best mirrors for a lot of careers. Engies vs Magus’, Engies win. KotBS vs Chosen, KotBS. RPs vs Zealots, RP probably. WPs vs DoKs, Grace WPs probably go for the win. And a few more. Oh and yeah, they have IRONBREAKERS. They win over every other career instantly.

Third, I find that most Destro players tend to not listen to orders and just mindlessly try and zerg every moving thing they see. Well, Order, they listen to orders. And no, that was not intentional. But truly, they seem to be less stupid than a lot of Destro players.

Altdorf has the College of Magic or whatever it’s called in it. Most badass looking building EVER.

Even though Destro look way better (Hah !), Order has some nice things to offer. By the way, I rolled a WH on Azgal, he’s badass.



WCPI: Blame the Healer

Alrighty, all ye humies and pointy-ears and wee stunty fuckers! It’s my turn to promote another blog in an effort to help the Warhammer…something? I’m horrible with acronyms. -scrolls down the list- Ah. Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative.

Anyways, the one I’m promoting is possibly my favourite blog out there; Blame The Healer! This name inspired Spank the Tank, after we realised it was already taken as a name. The Blog is run by Dont, who is a very artistic and amusing individual.

Blame the Healer has a whole host of good ideas, illustrated with cute little comics next to them.  And the posts are always funny. I urge you to read Blame the Healer. Do it. Do it now!

I’m bad at this. Make Meteorfall do it.


Mike’s Quest For Power; Kiss My Axe

For those of you (like myself) who don’t regularly check the Warhammer Age of Reckoning Main Site, then let me be the first to tell ya! Richie Castellano and Eric Bloom, members of legendary rock band Blue Oyster Cult, have been found on Warhammer, on Ironfist. Eric Bloom is a notable gamer and even has an R40 Sorc there.

They went into Mythic and recorded a song called “Kiss My Axe (And I’ll Drink My Beer)”! It’s a song about Slayers, which pretty much sets the scene. I don’t really like the class because of how they look, but their lore and storyline is badass. It’s power metal, which kicks ass for me because I loves the power metal. I dig it hard. Link to the Awesome Song.

It’s up for free download from the Age of Reckoning Main Site. Maybe I’ll talk to Meteorfall about hosting a Spank the Tank machinima competition!

I also encourage more songs about WAR from these people. I’d like to suggest subjects or titles but they’re terrible.  But yeah. Download the song. Here’s another link to the Awesome Song.

In other news, I’ll be rerolling soon, as I’m getting a fresh start on the game. I’m rolling five classes; one for each role, and I’m open to suggestion.


WCPI : Breakfast at WAR

Breakfast at WAR, one of my personal favorite blogs. And no, that’s not sarcasm. Anyways yeah, they started blogging about a week after we did and we’ve been putting up comments to each other ever since. The blog is ran by Pancakez, the dominant male, and Omelettez, the dominant female. And yes, that was a joke, of some sort. Now, the article I’m gonna talk to you about was written by Omelettez, it’s basically her version of Mark Jacobs’ state of the game.

I have to point out something here, I really like that girl’s sense of humor. Wait… where’s the fucking quote button ? Meh, I’ll resort to the “manual quote technique”. When talking about scenarios, she seemed pretty disapointed on how Mythic actually put that issue last. Okay folks, here comes the funny joke ! “Ok, unless they start kicking out all Engineers in Mourkain or something, they better start saying what it is they wish to refine.” Now that, is some funny shit. Engineers are goddamn pricks in Mourkain (and in.. every other scenario), and I would like to personally fong (ask Mike for what that means) every single one of them. Another funny joke is when she regards the “Keeps in general” section. This is what she said (no pun intended) : “I wish they could impliment something that forced people who were defending inside to go outside and attack the incoming wave of offense instead of sitting at the top going LOLOIL.” Now, I don’t know how many fucktards you saw spamming /lol at you when you were forcing your ass to try and break that fucking door open while you got burned with oil. I sure saw many.

Well, yeah. Read their shit, it’s gewd. That article is a very nice one too, points out most of the things that need to get adressed with ASAP.

Oh, one last note. Omelettez, that half-naked geisha avatar, I’m loving it. “NO ! PANCAKEZ, I DIDN’T MEAN THAT !!11!1!”