A brief Order experience…

After I was done on the PTS (R18 Templates FTW), I decided to roll an Engi on Eltharion. Yes, a stunty, Engineers are badass. At first, I was having quite some fun owning everyone in every scenario and dealing the highest damage all the time. But my leveling wasn’t going very well, when I finished T2’s last chapter, I was R19. Of course, everyone told me to go do HE/Empire CH9 like everybody else did, but I chose to venture on to T3. That’s where I truly began raping face.

I know, I was dealing quite some nice damage in T2 allready, but T3 and a little something called Tor Anroc, now THAT was godlike.


Notice how we lost this Mourkain. (I'm Vargrim)

Anyhow, once I entered the Badlands, I discovered that I really could go through the quests even with R23 mobs, and that’s because Engies need to be nerfed. Every Tor Anroc that popped, I was knocking back those Black Orcs into the lava with my Point-Blank and my Hip Shot, and it was hella’ fun. We all know one of the most frustrating things is when an Engi starts knocking you into the lava and spamming “/lol” at you. Well I was that Engi ! And it felt very very gewd. But as the PvE went up, it took me longer to kill mobs, and I was bored to shit. So I decided to come back to Destro (I was Order anyways, nuff’ said.) and level my DoK a bit.

Now my point is, Engineers and other Order classes (Ironbreaker anyone ?) really really need to get nerfed, badly. Low-level ranks that join higher tiers can actually create some real Chaos. I saw a R9 Engineer dealing 33k in a lost Mourkain Temple, ouch. Even though the Bolster effect is supposed to put up the lower ranks to a higher level, sometimes they become just too strong. Especially when they allready have nast knockback/down effects and can join scenarios when you really need those. Destruction classes don’t have as much power early on as they do when they grow in Ranks, so Order gets a pretty big advantage as far as scenarios go (which is, in my case, probably the biggsest source of exp and renown). But, I hope 1.3 (yesh, 1.3) will have some nerfs for those hated careers, cos’ 1.2 didn’t whack em’ with teh nerf bat at all, and maybe even buffed ’em a little…

However, I still to reccomend rolling an imba Order class for a bit so you can have some fun, it’s very entertaining.


2 Responses to “A brief Order experience…”

  1. February 28, 2009 at 6:29 am

    Order are pretty OP early on. My Shadow Warrior was able to go toe-to-toe in melee against Witch Elves, and at 15 I’m still able to bring down a lot of classes solo. Cept for them damn Magi.

  2. March 1, 2009 at 2:51 pm

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