Meteor’s Seven Favorites

In case you didn’t check out Syp’s “Seven Favorites” post back on Waaagh ! (http://chaosmoon.gameriot.com/blogs/WAAAGH/Seven-Favorites), this will be my personal list of Favorites out of WAR :

  • Favorite Zone : Dragonwake, DEvsHE T4 zones look magnificent, Dragonwake’s huge cliffs and winding bridges just took me.
  • Favorite Race : Dark Elves, half-naked double-wielding shmexy beasts, nuff’ said.
  • Favorite Career : DoKs and Engies, DoKs are unkillable and Engies are knockback gods. They’re both really fun to play.
  • Favorite WAR Feature : ToK, I agree with Syp on that. And scenarios are badass too. I remember in WoW telling to myself I had to go to a capital city to queue for a lame PvP battleground.
  • Favorite Skill : I loved using my R8 Point-blank Morale on fools in T1 scenarios, I must admit. Acid Grenade is pretty sick aswell though.
  • Favorite Scenario : I ❤ Nordenwatch. Good times, good times.
  • Favorite Live Event : Keg End was just too hard to complete. Night of Murder is too easy. I’m waiting for the Tomb Kings.

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