Top 11 Favorite Career Pairings

Hokay, I was out of ideas so I decided to make this kind of post. Which Career Pairing do I like/dislike the most, you ask ? Here we go :

1. Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest : You gotta give it to these guys, they’re just badass and virtually unkillable. Now you will probably hear Mike saying he killed a higher level DoK with his SH, DO NOT believe him !

2. Black Orc/Swordmaster : Hell yeah, those War Bellows need to be badly nerfed. At R40 I will be able to solo every non-hard PQ up to CH18. And their armor is very very appealing, for the BO that is.

3. Engineer/Magus : That’s right folks, number 3 is a STUNTY pairing ! No, I am not drunk ! Engineers FTW ! Spamming grenades and ranged knockbacks is just so much fun. The Magus on the other hand needs a little upgrade cos’ his tactics ain’t gewd enough.

4. Blackguard/Ironbreaker : A hatred motivated Tank, nuff’ said. And the Ironbreaker, he should be treated like a hero class.

5. Shadow Warrior/Marauder (Squig Herder ?) : At first, I wanted to roll one of these to be my main. Then I though “Order ? Nah…” But yesh, these guys look badass and can deal quite some nice damage when you’re experienced wif’ em. By the way, I’m not sure if this guy’s mirror is the Marauder (Stances, Mutations deal) or the Squiggy (Only non-mirror Ranged DPS, then again there is the WL…). Marauder looks badass, and Gift of Brutality needs to be nerfed.

6. Squig Herder/White Lion : Even though I personally think the pet mechanic needs to be revamped in WAR, these guys are rather fun to play. Especially Plink Herders, NERF ‘EM !

7. Chosen/KotBS : The aura thing is kewl, even though I personally HATE aggroing brooms. All in all, these guys are placed 7th for the badass look the Chosen has. Chosens are teh pwn.

8. Shaman/Archmage : Shamans, and Archmages… Hmm, the mechanic is pretty gewd, but yeah, healers are healers… (Except for DoKs !)

9. Witch Elves/Witch Hunters : Even though I like these guys, I personally think the WE needs to be majorly nerfed so he (she…) can’t do 8 solo kills in a Destro lost Mourkain Temple.

10. Bright Wizard/Sorc : Resistances got nerfed. Apparently an AFK Chosen can kill a Bright Wizard. These guys need some boosts.

11. Rune Priest/Zealot : Meh, squishy healers that can’t deal damage. And Rune Priests are the worst looking class in WAR. Their Sentinel pieces make ’em look like plane pilots.

??. Slayer/Choppa : The Savage/Berserk thing seems very interesting, let’s see what it’s gonna turn out like.


5 Responses to “Top 11 Favorite Career Pairings”

  1. February 12, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    I think it would be SW/SH and WL/Marauder if you go by the abilities. Anyway, I agree with most descriptions, and the first is very true 😀

  2. February 13, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    I did. 15 level difference and I killed it. But it’s impressive until I explain it. Like how I was third in the world at Battle for Middle-Earth 2, once.
    I was with a level 11 Engineer on the walls of Marshes of Madness keep, shooting the little bugger, but he was too preoccupied healing the tanks who were being ravaged by hot oily death to heal himself.

  3. February 13, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Engineer/Engineer FTW!!!

    Double the pleasure… Double the Fun…

  4. February 19, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Dont has it right. White Lion matches with Marauder, while Shadow Warrior matches with Squig Herder. It’s confusing unless you ignore the pet/stance and just look at abilities. WL and Marauder both have a fetch ability, while SH and SW both have rapid firing arrows. Squig Armor does the same sort of thing as the Assault stance, though the SH has to use the Gas Squig to get the same armor bonus, iirc.

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