Mike’s Quest For Power; Explaining Inactivity

Hello thar! Sorry for the inactivity. My internet provider (in their infinite bastardry) think I download too much, so they’ve capped me so I’m at dialup speeds! This has put a severe dent in my Warhammering, as my internet is too slow to actually patch Warhammer, because it keeps timing out.

That and Meteorfall is in Venice, too. Seriously. Freakin’ Venice. Nobody asked if I wanted to go to Italia. I’m more of a French Canada dude anyway. -pouts-

In other news, I am loving my Warrior-Priest. Non-squishy enough to take a few hits, and capable of some nice healing. Typically getting out-healed by Runepriests anyway, but who cares? Can always get a group, too. Never have to be all ‘gotta look for a healer’, either. Although, any WP vets able to recommend whether I should use a chalice or twohander? I carry around both, but which one should I use more?

So yeah, T1 Dark Crag Order dudes looking for a healer? Hit me up.

Night of Murder coming soon. I’m seriously looking forward to this. The lore looks excellent. I mean, that’s the big catch of the game to me. The sheer amounts of lore. The fact you can spent up to an hour reading the Tome of Knowledge if you get bored is excellent.

I can’t add it to the blogroll (because I’m fail at editing) but I’m enjoying ‘The Homunculus’ at http://war-homunculus.blogspot.com. It’s got humour, and it has comics. Happy Mike.

So yeah, there’ll be more blogroll and blog posting when my internet is unfucked or Meteorfall gets back!Kick some ass for me. I don’t care who it is, or who you are. As long as feet meet thighs in the act of kicking, I are a happy Elf.


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