Mike’s Quest for Power, Group Activity

Just like to start out with the bastard at the Perth Train Station who caused me to rick-roll myself earlier. This guy, this train guard, looked a lot like Rick Astley. Thinking of this caused me to think of Never Gonna, and then BAM! I was rickroll’d. So yeah. Bastard. heheh.

The other day I was in a 3-man group, consisting of myself (Rank 11 at the time) Shadow Warrior, a level 10 Male Shadow Warrior, and a level 11 Dwarf Engineer. This was a friendly group; though you wouldn’t tell from looking. Actually I’d define it as a “co-dependant relationship based on abuse”. Having rolled a female character, I’m used to the people making jokes, but the Shadow Warrior, who I dubbed “Jackass”, referred to me as ‘Woman’. Tha’ pissed me off. But I bet the Dwarf was getting angrier, because I referred to him as ‘Stuntie’ and whenever he tried to talk I’d cut him off and claim “big people are talking now”.

But we had a bunch of fun in ORVR, had a few pick-up tanks and healbitches,  and had a fun time. So Laeth, BigGunDwarf, I hope you’re well.

And while I’m on the subject of ORVR… I know it’s to be expected on a dedicated RVR realm, but a level 21 going through the T1 areas killing T1 players isn’t skill. It means you suck. Sure, we all get those urges to go out and rape lowbies, but show some restraint! There was a Magus / Marauder / Blackguard team of near-T3 level just slaughtering through T1 on a daily basis. Not only do you suck, you have earned my wrath worthy of being noted on a blog. Yeah. How do you like that?

Seriously though; I used to get a bit of a kick out of it…then I stopped being a noob-harassing 14 year old Human Mage on WoW. I mean, I like the rules on ORVR realms, but it gets kind of irritating.

Oh, and here’s where it gets funny. A 10-man group of Destruction were trying to take Fangbreaka Swamp Keep (Marshes of Madness zone), and so, being a T2 zone, they were all 21+, to the point that their tank was an awesome-looking 30 Blackguard.  Now they werent’ all in the same guild, so I’ll assume it’s a PUG, which is just as good, because myself (11 Shadow Warrior at the time) and my friend Downrange (level 10 Engineer at the time) managed to bring down their healers (25 Shaman and 24 DoK) from the keep walls. It was hilarious, I was on Ventrilo with Downrange and my Guild Leader Reasonable at the time, laughing my face off because we were slaughtering their healers while we had front-line crews working on keeping them out of the keep. They made it into the keep, only to be ganked my the Keep Lord, his guards, and about 6 pissed off Order guys.

So yeah. We kept that keep, and sent ’em packing into Troll Country with their tails between their legs. I’d like to thank the guild Absolute for inviting Kit into the fold, and giving you all the opportunity to read this. Although I haven’t done it, I’d like to get a lil’ bit drunked playing WAR, and blog while drunk, or possibly hungover…it could be rather amusing. “Man I should so have not gone into that PQ group last night…” or something. Gimme drunken “next day regrets” about WAR.

I’m also raising a Warrior-Priest to help combat the Tank / Healer crisis currently plaguing Dark Crag’s Order Army. His name is Halfblind, is level 8 (his surname will be Guardian) and is pretty geared out. I’m open to heal PQs, ORVR, scenario premades, or whatever the hell else you want or need me for. Because using a blog to advertise my guild and myself as a healbitch is so very original and ethical.

Notice: The Search for Taglines continues, to the point that we’re giving you all another three weeks to post your ideas! (22nd February)

P.S: Sorry for the nonsensical and almost-rushed entry. I’ve had a busy-ass weekend with my state’s Anime convention this weekend. I met up with a guy I used to play WoW with back in ’04, ’05. It was awesome! Maybe I shoulda posted about that…I hear gamers like being told about the hawt cosplayers…I’m hoping to see Witch Elves at Supanova in July…I can hope, right?!


1 Response to “Mike’s Quest for Power, Group Activity”

  1. 1 Omelettez
    February 1, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    I remember way back in the day in WoW, when there was only on AH on each side, I used to pay a bunch of lvl 60 warlocks 10g each to summon infernals in the AH of Ironforge for sheer amusement. I miss those days! =(

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