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A brief Order experience…

After I was done on the PTS (R18 Templates FTW), I decided to roll an Engi on Eltharion. Yes, a stunty, Engineers are badass. At first, I was having quite some fun owning everyone in every scenario and dealing the highest damage all the time. But my leveling wasn’t going very well, when I finished T2’s last chapter, I was R19. Of course, everyone told me to go do HE/Empire CH9 like everybody else did, but I chose to venture on to T3. That’s where I truly began raping face.

I know, I was dealing quite some nice damage in T2 allready, but T3 and a little something called Tor Anroc, now THAT was godlike.


Notice how we lost this Mourkain. (I'm Vargrim)

Anyhow, once I entered the Badlands, I discovered that I really could go through the quests even with R23 mobs, and that’s because Engies need to be nerfed. Every Tor Anroc that popped, I was knocking back those Black Orcs into the lava with my Point-Blank and my Hip Shot, and it was hella’ fun. We all know one of the most frustrating things is when an Engi starts knocking you into the lava and spamming “/lol” at you. Well I was that Engi ! And it felt very very gewd. But as the PvE went up, it took me longer to kill mobs, and I was bored to shit. So I decided to come back to Destro (I was Order anyways, nuff’ said.) and level my DoK a bit.

Now my point is, Engineers and other Order classes (Ironbreaker anyone ?) really really need to get nerfed, badly. Low-level ranks that join higher tiers can actually create some real Chaos. I saw a R9 Engineer dealing 33k in a lost Mourkain Temple, ouch. Even though the Bolster effect is supposed to put up the lower ranks to a higher level, sometimes they become just too strong. Especially when they allready have nast knockback/down effects and can join scenarios when you really need those. Destruction classes don’t have as much power early on as they do when they grow in Ranks, so Order gets a pretty big advantage as far as scenarios go (which is, in my case, probably the biggsest source of exp and renown). But, I hope 1.3 (yesh, 1.3) will have some nerfs for those hated careers, cos’ 1.2 didn’t whack em’ with teh nerf bat at all, and maybe even buffed ’em a little…

However, I still to reccomend rolling an imba Order class for a bit so you can have some fun, it’s very entertaining.


Orange and Green : A lot of it…

Yesh, the Europe PTR was opened yesterday, and I couldn’t resist the chance of trying the Choppa/Slayer classes ! But what to choose… Slayer or Choppa ? The High-Level armor in the character creation screen decided for me. Fact : Slayers look better on paper. But the Choppa, they just look badass all-around. As I logged in, my screen lag  jumped over the top, there was probably over 50 Choppas in front of that first questgiver in Mount Bloodhorn. Of course, instant queues with only Choppas and Slayers… But aye, a rumble of crazy melee DPS with occasional healing from the only shaman in the group was hella fun. The Berserk mechanic is awesome, fight and become stronger but weaker at the same time. Loads of Orange punks and Green barabarians waging a battle was awesome to witness, I had huge fights in ORvR and did not even know so many players could fit on my screen… I WILL roll a Choppa when Bitter Rivals ends.

The second thing I wanted to check out was the new Rally Cry RVR feature. At first, all you see is a little blue dot shaped like the Scenario Queue button on the bottom of your mini-map, but once it lights up when a player perfroms a Rallying Cry, you get transported to the zone warcamp (well, that’s where we got teleported to) instantly. That feature is gonna be very nifty especially in the higher tiers when keeps need to be defended or if there’s a massive battle going on.



All in all, Patch 1.2 will be very interesting and adds a lot of new fun features to WAR. Choppas and Slayers will definitely be a great addition to the Greenskins and Dwarves.


In other news, our tagline search ends tomorrow ! Please enter your submissions as fast as possible ! (You may place your entries as a comment to this post.)


(Almost) Like a non-MMO Warhammer…

What? A spank the tank post? Lies! Much less a post that is only loosely related to this game?! HERESY!

Well there’s my attempt at humour. And another at self-deprecating self-referential humour. I made a funny.

I obtained Lord of the Rings: Conquest today, and my first thoughts of it were “this really reminds me of Warhammer”. It’s not like the Battlefield / Star Wars Battlefront franchises where your ‘class’ really only determined your gun. The four classes in LotR: Conquest are actually fairly similar. As it stands, the game is fairly flawed and bugged, with some things being massively overpowered (Scouts can one-shot ANYTHING). Oh and in the Capture the Ring (Flag) in Mines of Moria, there’s an invisible wall around Evil’s flag room. Yeah. Fun.

There’s two factions in the game, with differing armies depending on the map so you don’t have corrupted humans fighting at Helm’s Deep. It pretty much depends on who was where, but there’s no real difference. But one thing that pisses me off more than a level 21 Black Guard running around Tier One RvR zones is that there’s no Hobbits or Dwarves (other than Frodo and Gimli as Heroes). Having Hobbitses and Stunties in Battle For Middle-Earth 2 was one of the best features of the game! You could send them running away screaming like prepubescent Squig Herders!

Okay, so there’s four classes. Warrior; a medium-speed, heavy melee brawler with a big sword. He can cause havoc and soaks up damage to the extent that Ironbreakers would be scared. Mostly he deals with being a tank and screwing with large crowds, and such, has combos that verge on genocide. I also rarely use warriors. They’re just not my thing. Warriors are also the only basic unit that can’t be one-shotted by an arrow to the face.

Next is my personal favourite and the only class I pretty much use; the Archer. Squishy, with varying speeds, the Archer is capable of kicking ass at long range, with heavy-damage Poison Arrows, buckshot-style Multi Arrow and the explosive Fire Arrow. Give me one of these and I can kill anything. Seriously. Their awesomeness at range is mostly betrayed by their uselessness at melee, but their Kick isn’t bad for dealing with things, provided you hit them first.

Next be the Scout. Think more like “Rogue”. A stealth-based little bastard who’s dualwielding daggers, can turn almost perfectly invisible, and has crowd-harassing satchel bombs (mini gunpowder grenades). Scouts are really fast and fairly squishy. They’re more mano-e-mano based, and as such can’t do much if they’re surrounded. But wait, they can turn invisible! Like really well…oh, and they have this nifty little Backstab ability (push E when stealthed and behind someone. Even Heroes.). It one-shots anything in a way that makes Altaiir from Assassin’s Creed quake in his hay-laden pants. Actually in some levels I really feel like I’m playing Assassin’s Creed. It’s the damndest thing.

And last but not least is the Mage. They’re a utility class more than ranged bomber, but can still dispense the pain. They’re fairly squishy and sorta slow moving, too. Their most used ‘ability’ is this nasty shield that deflects projectiles. Namely arrows. You have two of these little buggers in the front and enemy archers become pretty much useless. It only blocks ranged projectiles though, so anything else (including my plate armour boot to it’s tits) can get through. The shield is freaking annoying for archers or people trying to bring down the flag carrier, but these shields also kinda give away the location of cloaked Scouts, so I’ll let it slide. Their ‘attack’ is Lightning. It’s pretty pathetic, but it can still hurt large quantitites of people. They get an AoE heal that pretty much fully restores all allies, an AoE shockwave that floors enemies, and a nasty ranged fireball that sets fire to a large amount of ground.

So it’s not bad, but it’s pretty chaotic and random, especially when you have the sheer misfortune of being up against enemies that for the most part, look like you. In Capture the Ring (Flag) the AI is solely focused on finding and killing the ring-bearer to the point that they will ignore the ARMY running backup for him. But the first thing that ran through my head was the similarity to Warhammer. If you had a fully human-player manned game, the potential for tactics and strategies is as high as a stoner on a day off work.

But this isn’t fulfilled very well, because of the myriad (bad) imbalances and flaws in the game. See, this is why I hate game patches, because they reduce the quality of release-stage gameplay. If this game was on a console, or if I didn’t have the internet, I wouldn’t be able to do Mines of Moria on Capture the Ring, ever. And it’s a really awesome map! Gah. I’ll have to patch it.

The heroes are alright, but the only real non-aesthetic feature that seperates them from the normal units is the high health and (sometimes) high damage, and a few special moves and combos. But as they’re one-shottable by Scouts, Heroes aren’t special at all. It also has the main issue of Star Wars Battlefront 2; in that only one Hero can be out at once, giving a sometimes major advantage to the side who got the Hero first. Although I still remain a major fan of Faramir, ever since Battle For Middle-Earth 2 back in ’06, my favourite hero are the Nazgul and the Witch-King of Angmar, purely because I can do the Nazgul Screech, and they’re pure win.

All in all, it’s a fun game, and seeing ‘professional’ players in a full-human game could be awesome, but if they severely restructured it they could make it a wicked tactical game where you need to use strategies. Sort of like if a scenario goes right in Warhammer.

Edit: After some serious thinking and ranting, I’ve decided that this is still a really fun worthwhile game, but is being shunted to the top of the list of “reasons a lot of modern game developers for PC games need to be killed“.


Meteor’s Seven Favorites

In case you didn’t check out Syp’s “Seven Favorites” post back on Waaagh ! (, this will be my personal list of Favorites out of WAR :

  • Favorite Zone : Dragonwake, DEvsHE T4 zones look magnificent, Dragonwake’s huge cliffs and winding bridges just took me.
  • Favorite Race : Dark Elves, half-naked double-wielding shmexy beasts, nuff’ said.
  • Favorite Career : DoKs and Engies, DoKs are unkillable and Engies are knockback gods. They’re both really fun to play.
  • Favorite WAR Feature : ToK, I agree with Syp on that. And scenarios are badass too. I remember in WoW telling to myself I had to go to a capital city to queue for a lame PvP battleground.
  • Favorite Skill : I loved using my R8 Point-blank Morale on fools in T1 scenarios, I must admit. Acid Grenade is pretty sick aswell though.
  • Favorite Scenario : I ❤ Nordenwatch. Good times, good times.
  • Favorite Live Event : Keg End was just too hard to complete. Night of Murder is too easy. I’m waiting for the Tomb Kings.

Oh my god ! Oh my god ! It’s Valentine’s Day !

Hokay so I was randomly eating some stunty intestines when I looked at the clock, it’s goddamn midnight (here in France, that is). And that means YES ! It’s finally Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Greenskins are unisex and don’t have female counterparts. Gromvarg sad mode : activated. Yes, Grom will not have a faithful companion today, except if he gets a few nice Witch Elves drunk so he can have some fun of his own. So anyways, what are you’z guys plans for Valentine’s ?


Top 11 Favorite Career Pairings

Hokay, I was out of ideas so I decided to make this kind of post. Which Career Pairing do I like/dislike the most, you ask ? Here we go :

1. Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest : You gotta give it to these guys, they’re just badass and virtually unkillable. Now you will probably hear Mike saying he killed a higher level DoK with his SH, DO NOT believe him !

2. Black Orc/Swordmaster : Hell yeah, those War Bellows need to be badly nerfed. At R40 I will be able to solo every non-hard PQ up to CH18. And their armor is very very appealing, for the BO that is.

3. Engineer/Magus : That’s right folks, number 3 is a STUNTY pairing ! No, I am not drunk ! Engineers FTW ! Spamming grenades and ranged knockbacks is just so much fun. The Magus on the other hand needs a little upgrade cos’ his tactics ain’t gewd enough.

4. Blackguard/Ironbreaker : A hatred motivated Tank, nuff’ said. And the Ironbreaker, he should be treated like a hero class.

5. Shadow Warrior/Marauder (Squig Herder ?) : At first, I wanted to roll one of these to be my main. Then I though “Order ? Nah…” But yesh, these guys look badass and can deal quite some nice damage when you’re experienced wif’ em. By the way, I’m not sure if this guy’s mirror is the Marauder (Stances, Mutations deal) or the Squiggy (Only non-mirror Ranged DPS, then again there is the WL…). Marauder looks badass, and Gift of Brutality needs to be nerfed.

6. Squig Herder/White Lion : Even though I personally think the pet mechanic needs to be revamped in WAR, these guys are rather fun to play. Especially Plink Herders, NERF ‘EM !

7. Chosen/KotBS : The aura thing is kewl, even though I personally HATE aggroing brooms. All in all, these guys are placed 7th for the badass look the Chosen has. Chosens are teh pwn.

8. Shaman/Archmage : Shamans, and Archmages… Hmm, the mechanic is pretty gewd, but yeah, healers are healers… (Except for DoKs !)

9. Witch Elves/Witch Hunters : Even though I like these guys, I personally think the WE needs to be majorly nerfed so he (she…) can’t do 8 solo kills in a Destro lost Mourkain Temple.

10. Bright Wizard/Sorc : Resistances got nerfed. Apparently an AFK Chosen can kill a Bright Wizard. These guys need some boosts.

11. Rune Priest/Zealot : Meh, squishy healers that can’t deal damage. And Rune Priests are the worst looking class in WAR. Their Sentinel pieces make ’em look like plane pilots.

??. Slayer/Choppa : The Savage/Berserk thing seems very interesting, let’s see what it’s gonna turn out like.


Internet company, prepare to die.

Now this was probably the most frustrating week I’ve had for a long time. As I come back from Venice (which was badass by the way), I discover my internet doesn’t work because apparently we didn’t pay the dudes. No WAR, no blogging, for a week. OUCH ! So I finally just got it back and am now ready to blog again !

In other news, our daily views have gone down, a lot, and I see my fellow Mike here only posted one single post in my absence. Thanks to HIS internet capping. All of this rounds down to one thing, paying for goddamn internet ! So before I start biting my arm out of frustration, I shall go play what seems to be my only way of keeping me in good shape : WAR ! It’s nice to be back, aye.