Gromvarg’s Journey : Abusive language-ing Part 1 !

Hokay… so yesterday I was hitting up a Nord and was doing pretty darn well in it. Then some Marauder started screaming at me for not doing my job well, which was wrong, cos’ I WAS killing dem’ healers like he said I had to do. He kept pseudo-flaming at me for the whole scenario, and then I find out a R4 Sword’n’Board BG had done 2k more damage than him, he was R6. I of course notice him of that. He replies saying that he’s MDPS and always dies… I will now show you the series of /tells we exchanged. This, is how I got a warning for abusive language on my accunt, enjoy ! This will be cut in three parts for the length. Pictures work weird, they have a link though, it should work if you click on em a few times. EDIT : Click the top part of the pictures and they work well.

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2


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