Gromvarg’s Journey : Ekrund and ORvR

After hitting Rank 8, I was off to Ekrund. But of course, I have to endure the PAIN of passing through a goddamn tunnel full of spiders. After trying to Flee through it and dying (thus bringing me back to Chapter 3, in Mount Bloodhorn), I decided to take my time and kill every single fucking arachnid in there. After all, I did have rested exp. When I finally arrived in the Chapter 4 hub, I checked my map and found out I had to go in like 5 caves for each of my quests. I hate caves in WAR, you get aggroed by everything. Once I successfully achieved my “cave quests”, I decided to go ORvR a bit, so I could get some Inf and RP. Bad Idea. I joined a half-full WB that was reclaiming BO’s. BAD IDEA. First of all, these guys were true fucktards, the Shamans were dealing DPS, ONLY. The tanks only sported two-handers, except me. But the worst part is that two full Order Warbands were expecting us to come reclaim to BOs, ouch. My groupmates were like “Nice tanking Gromvarg, omfg !!!1!!11!1!”, but after an onslaught of fireballs and the shammys only casting Brain Bursta, what could I do ?

You oughta be kidding me.

You oughta be kidding me.

After several minutes of ass being handed to me, I left the warband and started to search for some 1on1 action. There had to be at least one lone Order going around these parts. First prey, a lone Shadow Warrior, Rank 10. Got his attention, ran into melee. Then came his friend the Rune Priest. Run, Grom, Run ! I actually managed to get away (Collision Detection behind rocks FTW). After that, I found  a few lone guys and got a bit of Influence, nothing major. I tried to solo one of those Champions at the BOs, those guys are damn strong. Thank god Nords were popping and Destro was actually winning them, my RP was getting mooched up for that. Rank 9 was quite fun to be honest, I got my full set of Vengeance Renown gear (which is actually pretty nice), and the best-named ability for a Black Orc so far “Right in Da Jiblies”. I also found a nice spot to take a cool and relaxing break.

Iz da' water cold ?

Iz da' water cold ?


1 Response to “Gromvarg’s Journey : Ekrund and ORvR”

  1. 1 Omelettez
    January 27, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Oh geez, I share your hate for caves, too. Mostly because caves = bats. And bats = silencing you all the damn time. Sucks when you’re trying to heal >=( And sometimes you can get lucky with ORvR groups and get a decent one. And sometimes everyone just wants to run around in circles like a retard and go “hur hur” the whole time.

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