Gromvarg’s Journey : Shoulderpadz ?!

We all know that when we’re starting T1 we crave for the most cool looking piece of armor, dem’ shoulderpadz. For the most part, they drop as “Mangled” equipment on PQ mobs and such. And for an unknown reason, they seem to always drop for tanks. Especially in the Dark Elf starting area, I ALWAYS see those Blackguards dropping “Rent Pauldrons” at Rank 2, while a Rank 11 DoK doesn’t even have any. In the Greenskin area, i’ve noticed they drop a lot as Mangled equips on the first PQ. So when I was about to leave the first Chapter i was thinkin’ “Fuck, I didn’t get any shoulders, and i’m a fucking BO !”. I kill a stunty, BOOM, shoulders. A sign from Gork, possibly Mork, or both. Anyways I look badass now with these steel pieces of painbringing (did that sound right ?).

As I approach the second Chapter of the Greenskin pairing, I notice this huge saw springing down what seems to be a giant wooden tower. Badass. Yep dat’s da’ War Maka allright. There’s only one damn thing that bothers me though, why the fuck is it a Troll slave that’s runnin’ this thing ? Weren’t Trolls allied with da’ Greenskins in the tabletop game ?! I mean, they could of put like a dozen of stunty slaves in that spinning wheel instead of that Troll ! And stunties making the War Maker work, now that would be godly. With the lil’ gobbos stabbing them at the same time, yeah, that’s what I would like.

Wot' da 'ell ?

Wot' da 'ell ?

What was equally frustrating me was the absence of scenarios. I had been waiting for a Nord to pop for about an hour, and we’re on goddamn Karak-Eight-Peaks ! When it finally pops, we badly lose. And i’m one of those who need to win scenarios in order to keep my levelling to date, meh, twas’ a bad morning I guess. After a few scenarios, I finally get my Collector’s Edition quest done, and win a badass stunty head in my left hand ! Too bad i’m using a shield… I guess i’ll name him… Billy the Beheaded, oh yeah !

Grommy 'n' Billy, united for life.

Grommy 'n' Billy, united for life.


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