Kai’s back, baby.

Today bought me my first log-in since the third day of Black Guard release. I logged back in on my 13 Black Guard ‘Laerioth’, so not named by me, I might add, and arrived in the Sundered Strand.  This post’ll be a dialogue of how my experiences go ingame, I’ll write it as I go. I fixed up my gear, re-coloured it and kick up my Scenario Queues…Lets rock.

And before I can have any fun at all I have to completely redo my action bars because my friend’s methods are very different to mine. I mean, I’m mooching his account, but ass.

Ooh, a guy looking for players, particularly tanks for his guild. I guess I’m Laerioth of Vanguard now! Remind me to buy a rename for this guy; my friend named it and I’m not fond of the name.

I hooked up with a few guys from Vanguard and joined a Warband trying to take the keep in Barak Varr. It was an 8-man group of unco-ordinated people who couldn’t even get past the NPC guards, let alone the door.

So I find a competent Keep group advertising in Region chat, who were taking the Keep in Marshes of Madness, and just as I enter the RvR zone, they take the frigging thing. I talk them into going to Barak Varr to finish the job Apollymi fucked up.

This just in; Order put up a really good defence today. Barak Varr remains under their control for the duration. They deserve it, though. They did a magnificent job, but all they’ve really done is fuel the flames of my inherent desire to kill them. In the face.

But really, I wanted to take a keep. I should log onto my 33 DoK, or roll a Witch Elf. I want to stab something.

If you’re in T2 or T4 Darklands, hit me up. Malvice, Sindriana and Laerioth are my toons. WAAAGH!!!


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