Gromvarg’s Journey : Nerf Black Orcs !

Okay so as usual when levelling I queue for the best scenarios out there (In this case, Nordenwatch). Now tonight, this was a rather bad idea. The moment I get in my first scenario, I see we’re losing 212 to 84. Then I realize that I’m only a Rank 1 BO and that dem’ Order fools are rushing our spawn camp. So I try to deal the most damage I can by ganking on da’ squishys along with a few guys. Bad Idea. I see a Bright Wizard named “Invencible” (the screenshot after this will prove his name !) starting to spam his fireballs on me. Of course, our only healer is a Rank 9 Shaman that only healed for 3k during the whole scenario.

Oh the drama !

Oh the drama !

After getting severely owned by Order in this scenario, I start gorkifying statues and discovering naked dwarfs in barrels. Then the second scenario pops up. Yay ! Not. We’re losing 110 to 54 as I get in it, and look who’s here, my pal Invencible ! But he’s not the real threat, a Warrior Priest named Zadus is… He’s Rank 10, yeah, but he’s a WARRIOR PRIEST. So me and about 4 other Destro guys start pounding him like hellbent, but he doesn’t lose half his HP, and he’s alone… Then comes his friend Nistre the Rank 11 Swordmaster ! Great…

Allright guys, gank his arse !

Allright guys, gank his arse !

Even though I dinged to Rank 3 on both those scenarios, it still was quite a pain. Now I bet you’re wondering why this segment of Gromvarg’s Journey is called “Nerf Black Orcs !”, so here’s the rest o’ da’ story. I’m Rank 3, so I faithfully decide to go around to the first Greenskin PQ, Ugrog’s Rage. I find out there’s allready 2 Black orcs and a Squig Herder there, so I’m thinking we won’t kill the boss. When we get up to the Hero, we aggro him one by one (including the squig) but we actually manage to kill him after about 5 true minutes of intense button mashing. No healers, 1 death (the squig). Now that’s what I call imba-ness. But what’s even better, I get least contribution from the PQ cos’ I came in late, but they all roll like 57 and I get a whooping score of 981, so I’m the only one in the damn group to get the Green Bag, which results in a pair of boots, meh.

After a few flaming conversations with my group who is obviously mad with me getting the loot, I decide to do it again to get my Influence Bar maxed. They all leave me. But some Sorc comes by and “helps” me with first stage of the PQ, at this point i’m thinkin’ “Meh, i’ll still get my inf from the next 2 stages”. So the second stage, the barrel stage comes, I aggro the mobs near the barrels. And I see that fucktarded Sorc stealing all my damn influence from the barrels, and he does that through the whole damn stage. Stage 3 comes, the Sorc finally leaves, and i’m up alone against those waves of stunties. But yes, I’m a Black Orc, I can easily take ’em down. This is the frustrating part : My Internet freezes. After about 5-8 minutes of waiting for my wi-fi to start back up, I find out  another damn group just finished the PQ as I get into the game. Now i’m mad. Warhammer gestures flew throughout the battlefield. I end up waiting for the PQ to reset, so I can FINALLY get my Influence bar maxed. A Nord pops up. I’m thinking i’ll just kill a few squigs to get my inf bar up and then join. So I do that and get Influence reward etc. Guess what ? Our friends Invencible, Zadus and Nistre are here ! And are rushing our camp again ! We end up losing after about 14 seconds, cos’ I manage to join when we’re allready losing 481 to 161. These first three ranks were definitely a pain…

Grommy complete with his hard-earned gear...

Grommy complete with his hard-earned gear...


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