Welcome…to Spanking

WAAAGH!, folks. I’m Bankai, your friendly neighbourhood tank. I’ve been a meatshield in games for a while now, harking back to World of WarCraft in 2005. Myself, with Meteorfall, have been playing WARhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and decided to brighten your day with what we get up to!

My first character on WAR was a Dark Elf Sorceress named Valeriana on Lucian, but I transferred to Darklands and got a rename to Sindriana. And then they announced the Live Event: Heavy Metal. Between me and my friend Kyro, we finished the event and got to play as the heavy metal on the pre-release day, a week before everybody else.

Now, I play Destruction, purely because Dark Elves are sexy, and I was Horde when I played WoW, so I felt like a bit of consistency would feel right. I slept through the first day, and on the second day of Black Guards being released to those who did the Live Event, my Social Tab was assaulted by BLACK GUARD. I even found that my friend had gotten a Black Guard (on the account I used) to 15 in that one day.

I ran through the Blighted Isle. I saw one non-BG. Luckily it was a Disciple of Khaine. Luckily this was during a pretty mad healer and tank shortage on Darklands, to the point that we had a level 19 Witch Elf tanking BFOs, purely because our Chosen was a retard who did not have a shield in his inventory. I mean, this is Warhammer, not WarCraft. This is a game where your class’s specific group role is on your character screen. There is no “speccing Ret” for this damn game. There is no excuse for not carrying a chakking shield for tanking purposes, even if you just tuck it away in your inventory!

More from me as it comes, but yeah. That’s my little introduction. I’m ex-WoW, so you could even expect some random rantings about WoW from me, or comparisons between WoW and WAR at times. I’ll say one thing though, I adore PvP. I can’t play WoW on PvE; I like my player versus player content. Warhammer Online had me hooked from the first time I set eyes on Nordenwatch, on my friend’s Marauder, on his laptop. I instantly became the jackass screaming ‘FOR THE HORDE!’ into /sc.

RvR is…awesome. But not when Heavy Metal came around. No sir. Warband of 20 Black Guards against 20 Knights of the Blazing Sun? Not only was it the stupidly longest Nordenwatch ever, it was also ridiculously one-sided. Y’see, Knights have a damage / strength enhancing aura skill that stacked at the time. Which…yeah. You get 20 of them in a group, and their strength has gone up so much it doesn’t matter if you’re using a shield anymore…

Anyways, this is a bit big for a first post. Keep reading, we’ll keep writing. WAAAGH! Or, for some of you… For The Horde!

Aaand over to Meteorfall with the weather.


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